The Black Eyed Peas | Just Can’t Get Enough

May 11, 2011   Posted by Levi Maestro

Wow Black Eyed Peas have just become a straight up supergroup! This song is dope!

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3 Comments to “The Black Eyed Peas | Just Can’t Get Enough”

  1. Jordan says:

    Awesome song and dope video! The Black Eye Peas always make the illest jams.

  2. To each his own right? Once the BEP added Fergie to the team I was a little skeptical… They’ve made some ridiculously huge hits once they added her and that broke them into the mainstream faster than a track meet. Some of the songs have been cool, some have been too much for my taste, and some have just been straight awful. Their last album was very disappointing to me. They will forever have radio success thou, which pays the bills so good for them.

  3. Allen Walker says:

    Dope video. Super clean. They’ve come a long way. Wish they would do some more of the hip hop stuff they started with though.. Maybe a track or two… Still can’t wait until I get a chance to visit Japan. Always wanted to go there. Lived in Korea for 2 years but Japan looks like Korea on steroids.. (I know Koreans would HATE to hear that LOL)

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