Straight Trippin’

May 3, 2011   Posted by Levi Maestro

Two years ago Chet Childress and Al Partanen had an idea for a skateboarding-based TV show titled, Straight Trippin’. The story is of two friends and professional skateboarders who have the desire to hitchhike across America to “rough it” along the road and expose themselves to new scenes and friends along the way.

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3 Comments to “Straight Trippin’”

  1. jnsq pierre says:

    aww man this is so dope, really great concept i look forward to watching the next episode.

    ps: those nike sb bookbags are sweet.

  2. Glad to see these guys still passionate… really interesting story.

  3. Enchantee says:

    whoever splashed them at the end is a terrible person!

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