Stevie Wonder & Diana Ross | I’m Gonna Make you Love Me

May 9, 2011   Posted by Levi Maestro

So insanely remarkable….SOOOO INCREDIBLE!! I wish there was musical talent broadcasted to mainstream television and radio today. Even besides their performance, their chemistry is so beyond normal capacity, isn’t it lovely.

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3 Comments to “Stevie Wonder & Diana Ross | I’m Gonna Make you Love Me”

  1. b-lane says:

    I wish music now a days had anywhere near this rich of sound! No nonsense raw talent!

  2. Rob C says:

    Really wish there was music like this today. Stevie wonder is the best. my favorite artist of all time

  3. Don’t worry, there are artists of this caliber out there, the problem is we just need to push their work and support them. What you hear on the radio is all the sugar coated, label forced music.

    As for the video, I got the chills when I closed my eyes and just listened…

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