Seagate | GoFlex | Satellite Mobile Wireless Storage

May 17, 2011   Posted by paulpacker

Seagate’s latest development is a mobile hard drive that connects wirelessly called the GoFlex Satellite. You now have the ability to be mobile with your media library. You can stream content to your iPad with more than 300 HD movies on the go. You can even stream media over Wi-Fi to 3 iPads at the same time. Automatically sync your media and documents from your PC or Mac computer with up to 5 hours battery life.

Source: Seagate

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One Comment to “Seagate | GoFlex | Satellite Mobile Wireless Storage”

  1. OH MY GOODNESS!!!!!!!!!!!!! Just when I though I got a great deal on my seagate 1TB… they come out with this… I should have waited for the wireless version. Damn, I was just thinking having my hard drive plugged in all the time is such a pain. Looks like I’ll be investing some of my graduation money in one of these bad boys.

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