LONDON Meet Up | Red Infinity Piece

May 2, 2011   Posted by Levi Maestro

Back in LONDON!! This Wednesday, May 4th @ 12 Noon I’ll be going to Joe & The Juice on Regent St. If you want a chance to get my new Red Infinity Piece….see you there!

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9 Comments to “LONDON Meet Up | Red Infinity Piece”


  2. Xander says:

    See you there! :)

  3. mike says:

    If it was friday i would be there, but i got work!

  4. jay says:

    OH MAN. Im workin, definetly gonna try to get my lunch break at that time, if not you should swing by the oakley store in covent garden !! @theswardh would be so dope to see you man , have been following you for almost 2 years now i think. started when i was back in sweden and now i live over here ! have e great day in london if i dont see you !

  5. jay says:

    SWEET ! im gonna try to get off work, if not you can always swing by oakley in covent garden !

  6. Jason A D says:

    Aint nothing like seeing news like this, Ima be there, like my man jay from oakley store, Im gonna be trying to land my lunch break at that time, cos like him, I’m working in covent garden too! Opposite Oakley store brother! Cannot miss this, looking forward to it MK!

  7. Tom says:

    I gotta work. Need to do it in the evening!

  8. Charles says:

    maaan can you borrow me your life? looks like some awesome stuff

  9. Haha Yue! Wish I could visit London…

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