Lamborghini | Murcielago | LP670-4 SV

May 17, 2011   Posted by paulpacker

Richard Hammond travels to Abu Dhabi to road test Lamborghini’s soon to be discontinued Murcielago. This specific Murcielago is also known as the LP670-4 SV or when translated…the fastest Lamborghini ever made to date. I recommend watching the whole thing through. Otherwise you could miss the drag race between Richard and a certain Mercedes. Which will bring this epic piece to a close.

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2 Comments to “Lamborghini | Murcielago | LP670-4 SV”

  1. I wonder what that replacement will look like and what features will be on it…. Too bad he lost… was that an automatic lambo?

  2. @FTWFTL says:

    @Estevan It had paddle shifters

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