Devlin’s Update | Biggie Smalls

May 22, 2011   Posted by paulpacker

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4 Comments to “Devlin’s Update | Biggie Smalls”

  1. Shark says:

    This update looks great, bruh. Visually beastmode. But how are you gonna say his flow is crazy and anything but “A to B” and cite that comment with a line like “bullets heat seekin’ / casualties need treatin'”. And while dumb rapers probably need teaching, too… I think Biggie preached about dumb rappers needing teaching.

    Love either way, for Dev and the Notorous one. Keep it up!

  2. maxtarkhov says:

    rad, didnt know that devlin 15yo… nice job man!

  3. kCnReSf says:

    visually beastmode indeed.

  4. Daaaaaang Devlin stepping up game! Very nice post, both aesthetically and visually. Big was definitely one of the best.

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