Audi Trimaran Concept | With Twin Jet Skis

May 28, 2011   Posted by paulpacker

The AUDI Trimaran Yacht is a graduate project by designer Stephanie Behringer. The project has been developed ​​under the supervision of the AUDI concept design based in Munich, Germany. The concept incorporates two jet skis to be store on each side of the boat. The boat is powered by a lightweight AUDI TDI (turbo-charged injection) diesel engines, and electricity powered jet skis stable and reduce water friction. You can cruise the boat at speeds as low as 8 knots powered just by the skis. while the jet skis are electric driven that too emissions and noise free. The 15 meter long boat with a 6.40 meter wide hull can hit top speeds of up to 30 knots.

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  1. Some people have the most creative minds…. This boat is pretty incredible, jet ski’s and all.

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