The Number Of Completion

April 7, 2011   Posted by Levi Maestro

Just what could this be???!!!

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6 Comments to “The Number Of Completion”

  1. Allen Walker says:

    Looks TimberWolves related…

  2. Ben Jackson says:

    Its a San Jose Sharks Jersey! Legit!

  3. A jersey of some kind… Not TimberWolves because the name has a blue outline… Not a Sharks jersey because the names go horizontally across and that number is not their font… I say it’s a custom nike basketball jersey.

  4. Brendon Yamamoto says:

    Throw back magic jersey. Like an old penny hardaway jersey

  5. Safari says:

    That’s my number, keepin it G, word to the seventh letter

  6. orel says:

    could be the maestro college jacket

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