Maestro Knows – Special Edition (Kevin Love)

April 20, 2011   Posted by Levi Maestro

Minneapolis where he catches up with Kevin Love for the Timberwolves last game of the season. From gambling at Manny’s for breakfast, to Kevin’s workout, shootaround with Diddy, running into BJ The Chicago Kid, and Maestro being awarded his own official NBA jersey this serves as the longest episode of Maestro Knows yet. Watch to see if he finally got his dunk!

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28 Comments to “Maestro Knows – Special Edition (Kevin Love)”

  1. hapns says:

    200 cash on you. Good style.

  2. hapns says:

    Looks like fun.

  3. Rob C says:

    love kevin love lol great guy well spoken what more could you want? NIce post haha sick jersey!

  4. Fergal says:

    Best Special Edition hands down, Kevin Love seems like a really down to earth kinda guy.
    Well done Levi great episode..

  5. Fergal says:

    ohhh yea and for the next episode you need to use Breakbots new song ‘Fantasy’ or we gon have probems haha.
    You were the one who put me onto them when you used the song ‘Baby I’m Yours’ in one of the episode with Yué.

  6. Twik says:

    yo maestro, whats good with ur face at 5:30? hahahaha

  7. Yet again an incredible episode!
    How tall are you Maestro? What size jersey are you rocking there?

  8. rob says:

    whats up maestro? loved the intro, dope episode too. whens your next time in ny?

  9. Allen Walker says:

    I knew it was a Wolves jersey! I tell everybody “Meet you at the top”… This was a good example of that. Good work man.

  10. Omari says:

    Wow. This was so amazing.

  11. LD. Damola says:

    The real message in this episode is simple. Progress…..Maestro did the same exact thing in the very first episode of his vlog……..he is now doing the same exact thing in a different setting with people he had dreams of one day being…..He simply accepted his role in life and embraced it and made the best out of it…..Kudos maestro..Kudos…..That’s what life really is made of………..i mean really… both episodes side by side and you will truly be fascinated………..

  12. Jacob D. says:

    Nice! The LIFE!

  13. Adam Elramly says:

    Not many people can say they played ball with Diddy. Even fewer can say it was on a professional court with someone as talented as Kevin Love.

  14. liozzi says:

    I might be bias here, but this is def your best episode yet – love how it turned out! Thanks for shooting over to Minny to do this, Levi. Can’t wait to see what’s next!

  15. […] work ethic catapulted both entertainers to the top of their respective craft. More details from “In this episode of Maestro Knows follow Levi to Minneapolis where he catches up with Kevin Love […]

  16. Ryan Garcia says:

    Best episode to date ! Keep doing your thing maestro!

  17. trentB says:

    Not spacejams. Cool Greys.

  18. b-lane says:

    Jordan 11s lookin nice!

  19. Philip Chun says:

    haha, i like your p.s.

    nice surprise.

  20. Wow, i think this episode has made its way to my top five favorites…. Haha, K Love makes you look short but you definitely are not. The ending was great! Can’t wait ’til the next!

  21. Arthur says:

    damn finally did it after so damn long u dunked its a big
    moment maybe its just me but ive been watchin so
    long to wer that brought me back to ur 1st ep.

  22. Niko says:

    YO! THIS IS THE ONE THE WORLD WILL SEE, think of what diddy says right in the center of that, two worlds, the love, the handshake, the comradery, the TWolves logo, yo, this is the one baby! The joining and connecting!


  23. hobendigger says:

    One of the best Maestro videos I’ve seen. Awesome job. Great music, footage, and content.

  24. Samson Melkamu says:

    Next time your in Minnesota check out PHENOM GLOBAL heres the link I think it would be a great location for your next infinity piece release. Plus I really want that red one but the original one is pretty awesome too.

  25. Swagger says:

    What’s the instrumental playing in this?

  26. Andrew says:

    haha congrats on getting diddy on the show too. i remember back in japan you said u wanted to get him on there.

  27. chris says:

    whats the name of the songs in this episode? thanks

  28. fiveseven says:

    hey maestro, what’s the song you used???

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