Myk31 – Kanye West “RoboCop”

March 9, 2011   Posted by Levi Maestro

Here’s a few cool facts. Mykola Dosenko, Kiev, Ukraine, Graphic designer / Illustrator / Pyrotechnician. The best thing about Myk is that he’s just a really nice dude. I’m down for him and the love that he so evidently puts into his work. He made this really awesome intro for my Maestro Knows “Tour Edition” episode but today I was just browsing his site and came to remember this awesome piece he created to Kanye’s “Robocop”. I don’t usually like “fan” videos but this one is just undeniable, so much great detail and effort put into this piece….it’s just too clean. You killed it Myk, hope Kanye has seen it!

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5 Comments to “Myk31 – Kanye West “RoboCop””

  1. Haha nice! One of my favorite songs off the album!

  2. A-Moni says:

    I really like his work too! I’ve always enjoyed just going through his website.

  3. Allen Walker says:

    Get money Myk Dawg!! Meet you at the top!

  4. jaxestudios says:

    love it! myk-marvelous!

  5. Niko says:

    That was fresh.
    Song had the intelligence of a 7 year old.

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