Maestro’s Got 7 feat. Patrick Martinez

March 11, 2011   Posted by Levi Maestro

I’m real happy to present the first video edition of “Maestro’s got 7” featuring Patrick Martinez. I wanted to make this piece with Patrick so he could speak on our new KILLING it SOFTLY sweatshirt and also his upcoming art show on 3/19 entitled Hustlemania. Stop by the show if you’ll be in LA and look out for the sweatshirt dropping here on the site 3/15.

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156 Comments to “Maestro’s Got 7 feat. Patrick Martinez”

  1. Kim Nunley says:

    Sweatshirt and video is really nice.

  2. SAUSHONIA says:

    holy ffff….. man I need this…

  3. Angelo Antonio says:

    Concept, vitality, and execution. Great, succinct way to express the creative process. March 19, day before my birthday !

  4. Adam says:

    Incredibly dope!

  5. nzy says:

    looks superdope, wonder what kinda print-technique was used..?

  6. 100ty comment, let’s get it!!!

  7. Eddie says:


  8. Kim Nunley says:

    Sweeeeeet video

  9. Duha ALI says:

    You rule.

  10. This is such a beautiful and simple piece and i badly want to win this haha if i dont il prolly buy it but i wpould love to, im only a 16 year kid too haha the piece is so simple though…

  11. arman singh says:

    Wow! Very inspirational!

  12. SAUSHONIA says:

    my heart is aching… I always get suspense with these competitions…

  13. Jeremy Doest says:

    Can;t wait for the next episode!

  14. Michelle says:

    I can’t wait to get my hands on one!

  15. SAUSHONIA says:

    oooooohh man….

  16. arman singh says:

    sweatshirt is dope as well!

  17. Eddie says:


  18. the video is so chilled and mellow haha

  19. Kim Nunley says:

    Keep doing what you’re doing Levi.

  20. kate allan says:


  21. peter says:


  22. SAUSHONIA says:


  23. mtp says:

    I like the fugees reference

  24. Sylvia R. says:

    these guys are too cool

  25. THe video is chilled man i love it haha

  26. Joe says:

    Love this collab. Patrick is an amazing artist. keep em comin Levi.

  27. shilena says:

    i love it. simple.

  28. Nate Cousins says:

    Got love a dude whos primary concern isn`t $

  29. Fresh says:

    “It’s hard to be legit and still pay the rent”

    The concept is dope…I would wear it proud.
    100th or not…I’ve spoken!

  30. Johnny says:

    I wanna be like this guy one day.

  31. Michelle says:

    Ah! It looks amazing!

  32. Dan Queiroz says:

    can wait to the next

  33. shibat says:

    chill interview. love it

  34. As im a 16 year old kid i will save up to buy this but id lovet o win it haha, but the video is so chilled and the questions are in such detail whcih is sick

  35. Jeff says:

    dope as usual

  36. Maya says:

    Amazing shirt! Love the colors and the slogan! My motto for life :) Man what a talented artist as well. I love his concept and the neon lights are beautiful!

  37. Chris says:

    I would love to see the artwork

  38. Raye says:

    Very cool & relaxed interview.I love the concept for Hustlemania & what I’ve seen thus far, The neon signs are toughhh. I wish I could make it :/

  39. Freddy says:

    love the vid maestro

  40. Reese Fuller says:

    Wish I was in LA! Big ups & respect from the east…

  41. Brad says:

    Really great how LA are full of these creative types, Good interview, Nice questions!

  42. Pure & Creative Expression is what i got from this interview. “KILLING IT SOFTLY” is a tough design its innovative with the neon signs using relatable sayings… its flashy cause when you wear it, you know you’re killing ’em…… its also humble because your killing ’em softly by not bragging but letting the design speak for itself. (Pure & Creative Expression) very good questions to get an in depth aspect of Patrick Martinez and his designs!! DOPE!

  43. Duha ALI says:

    This is going off. Maestro you are destined for greatness.

  44. ORITS says:

    awesome interview, lovely background music too!

  45. Aaron says:

    it’s all getting more and more solid. hopefully one day a project will cross our paths

  46. Bess says:

    I immediately answered lion as well to the first question but this dude provided a whole new outlook on why those majestic, gorgeous creatures are so amazing.

  47. Danny says:

    Dope sweater and dope signs Patrick Martinez keep doin ya thing!

  48. Duha ALI says:


  49. Duha ALI says:

    Maestro for president.

  50. vince says:

    Had to comment on this one. The slogan + sweater is dope! Might have to check out the show!

  51. Pretty sick ideas and concepts… love the sweatshirt, just copped mines!

  52. Robert says:

    Ok, this tune thats playing in the background of this video is drivin me crazy. Where can I download it?!

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