Maestro Knows – Special Edition (The Hit-Boy Special)

March 29, 2011   Posted by Levi Maestro

In this episode take a trip with Maestro to the world famous Record Plant studios in Hollywood where Hit-Boy works on some new tracks & mixes down “Gone” for Jennifer Hudson. Shayan Afshar drops by as he & Maestro present Hit-Boy with their new Hennessy Privilege collaboration “Infinity Piece”. Additionally Hit-Boy breaks down his “Love Notes” track off the last EP & speaks about a possible Part 2.

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12 Comments to “Maestro Knows – Special Edition (The Hit-Boy Special)”

  1. Shane D says:

    Another dope video..

  2. Allen Walker says:

    Nice. Those drums were NASTY!

  3. Coley Cole says:

    Hit Boy is doing it big at such a young age. Whooo… Love Notes is that kind of track you can just ride out to.

    Man, that infinity watch sure is a beauty!

  4. claudio says:

    nice beats !

  5. CC says:


  6. natalia rachelle says:

    “oooo it feels so nice outside”

  7. Phillip Konrad says:

    Maestro is soooo talented to find other different talented people and make masterpiece, after masterpiece, after masterpiece. The definition of creativity in a dictionary should be defined with “Levi Maestro and other cool dudes”.

  8. “That’s how players do it!!!” hahaha… another incredible episode!!!! Got that traditional Maestro Knows feel… friends, food, and good times!

  9. Florinel says:

    Another great vid…Great work & the beat are awesome. The boys are very very good, also the food;). Greeting from bucharest, romania.

  10. I Met Hit Boy Yesterday & I Got His Autograph & A Picture Of Him 😀

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