Lavish Livez

March 13, 2011   Posted by Levi Maestro

Hi Maestro!
My name is Paul and I’ve been a follower since the jump! I just hope you
can show some love back and at least check out a short film I created.
The short is called the “Art of tailoring” and I give a little behind the
scenes to my readers/supporters in a alteration shop. Being tailored is
very important in my eyes.

I hope you can take a look and it would be an honor to be on your new column.

Thanks for your time and Happy Holidays Maestro!


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2 Comments to “Lavish Livez”

  1. Colin says:

    That really makes me think of all the hard work that goes into making clothes, I need to show respect for them more I mean I paid for them. I say that because I always end up spilling something on them lol. I feel like the clothes that I get from maestro are really great. And I believe they are made in the USA. I also think they have a certain mystery to them. You know what I mean if you have anything from Maestro.

  2. I need to get on the Tailor Gang… lol, I’m sure its a whole new experience to have a nicely fitted shirt… Dope video thou…

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