Land Rover | Evoque Concept Road Bike

March 18, 2011   Posted by Levi Maestro

Gerry McGovern, design director for Land Rover has taken the brand into cycling with the Range Rover Evoque Concept Road Bike. The Concept Bike complements the new Range Rover Evoque. Manufactured from high modulus carbon fiber monocoque frame, handcrafted by Karbona with similar methods to building a F1 race car, aerospace alloy handle bars and composite seat post complete the bike’s lightweight aspect. The control is provided by the 20-gear Shimano Ultegra system.

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3 Comments to “Land Rover | Evoque Concept Road Bike”

  1. PeterG says:

    That bike is looking clean! Storm Trooped out. Too bad I couldn’t ride something that in the spring time in Minnesota. MPLSBIKELOVE.

  2. Range Rover bikes?! Whaaaat? I bet they’re super expensive like the cars…

  3. The rangerover’s bike seems to be cool but You should see the new specialized venge Mclaren ! >>>>

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