Jeffrey Tuason

March 12, 2011   Posted by Levi Maestro

To Maestro:

I’m was hoping you could highlight my project to raise money to fight cancer on your new web column. My little sister is battling cancer so my cousin and I are trying to combat it creatively. We made a ring that represents the awareness ribbon, and a large portion of the proceeds are donated to fund cancer research and as well as ease the financial burden on families in the hospital. Our proceeds are currently going to City of Hope Hospital in Duarte, CA where my sister called home for the past three years. This is actually the first Holiday season in the past 3 years that we’re spending it at home. It’s been a blessing be able to make a positive difference in the world and if we could reach a much wider audience that would be even more amazing. I’ve been following you and your show since it first popped up on Hypebeast so I jumping at this opportunity that you posted on twitter.

Please check out the little video I made of my sister, as well as my sister’s story at:

or the ring at:

Much Thanks,

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6 Comments to “Jeffrey Tuason”

  1. 24HFOCUS says:

    We pray for your sister. This is a great project!

  2. Erik says:

    “I was wondering can you purchase those rings! and if so where can i purchase them… Thanks Sincerely Erik Adams

  3. Jeff says:

    can’t believe we’re on here. big thank you to Maestro! thanks 24 for the thoughts and prayers.
    Erik, rings can be purchased at
    or copy and paste the link under the video in a new window.

  4. alifelamz says:

    i can’t compete with that video…job well done will definitely keep your sister and those who are going through hard times in my prayers

    -much love

  5. Very influential… I hope your sister and all cancer patients can one day relieve a sigh of relief when a cure is found…

  6. Jeff Tuason (newyork) says:

    wow, first off,i didnt know there were any “jeffrey tuason’s” besides me here in the u.s.(my family is from manila philippines).i live in nyc, born here . i was sitting here with my son and decided to google my name and it directed me here. i have to say im very touched by you and your sisters story ( i hope shes well now btw) anyways, my wife is a 6 year cancer survivor. she was diagnosed when she was 36. i just wanted to reach out to you guys and say KEEP FIGHTING! were very active with the american cancer society and walk to raise money every year, sometimes twice a year. if your sister needs an open ear or just wants someone to speak to who has been through this. contact us…our facebook page is damaris & jojo (jojo is my nickname btw.) my wife belongs to several support groups and has helped a few people in the past by giving an open ear… please contact us or if you have a facebook page, please hit us up…GOOD LUCK to you and your sister…we will keep you guys in our prayers…KEEP FIGHTING, DONT GIVE UP!!!

    -Jeffrey “jojo” Tuason-

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