Infinity Piece (Red) Pre-Orders

March 10, 2011   Posted by Levi Maestro

My new Infinity Piece is on the way and if you want to make sure and get yours, you can pre-order! Pre-orders will begin 3/11 @ 12noon PST right here. Units will ship on March 28th.


Ships March 28th

I began this design with the intention to communicate that when I give my heart & my word to something, then my energy, my love, my mind, & of course my time become infinitely dedicated. This piece is set to be a reminder that when you give your all to something, anything becomes achievable….time becomes irrelevant.

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292 Comments to “Infinity Piece (Red) Pre-Orders”

  1. Colin says:

    Making dreams a reality is something That everybody would like to do. I wish we could achieve all of our dreams.

  2. james says:

    I wannt to win this

  3. Derek says:

    It is too beautiful

  4. Jeremy says:

    Red is tight!

  5. Omar Elsehety says:

    I would love to add this next to the black one!

  6. Andy says:

    Nice. I want.

  7. Jaela says:

    I want!

  8. says:

    *crosses fingers*

  9. Alexei Lee says:

    red bezel life

  10. Danye says:

    Need that ‘Suicide Wrist Red’ infinity piece #pharell

  11. Alex S. says:

    So ill. I gotta get one.

  12. Joe says:

    So is this comment going to land on the 100th comment spot?

  13. Colin says:

    I feel like this would go really good with my new outfit. hahaha.

  14. Jaela says:

    I deserve one!

  15. james says:

    Yes maestro

  16. k…back to laundry

  17. Thomas Sykes says:

    What doesn’t Maestro know?

  18. james says:

    Yes boy hook me up

  19. PatrickTuma says:

    Still no winner?

  20. ashley r says:

    I absolutely have to have this

  21. Jbo says:

    This is hot like fire!

  22. Andy says:

    I need this to add to my infinity collection.

  23. snkskn says:

    this red is so beautiful

  24. james says:

    Yes please

  25. arman singh says:

    …. uhm……. WINNING!

  26. Ian says:

    I’d love to win this. So fresh.

  27. Alan says:

    There are absolutely nothin like these pieces

  28. Adam Miller says:

    maestro knows babyyy

  29. Colin says:

    I was listening to Patrick Martinez, he said the artistic expression is what really matters, I believe that to be very true, for when you just care about the money, you are not really putting out art. You are putting out just entertainment.

  30. Alexei Lee says:

    bow bow bow bezelled out

  31. Alex S. says:

    The red color looks really tight. Congrats on another great piece!

  32. james says:

    Yes levi

  33. Jaela says:

    Give it to me!

  34. Ian says:

    i wish to get the black one but it ran out. now the red one is even hotter!

  35. Ian says:

    i wish to get the black one but it ran out. now the red one is even hotter!

  36. james says:

    Yes please levi

  37. Alexei Lee says:

    blue infinity….game over

  38. down to the wire…real talk

  39. says:

    #100 ah yeaaaa!

  40. Aaron A says:

    COME ON 100!!!!

  41. Jbo says:

    He is doin it again, hope I win

  42. Phillip Konrad says:

    Mhhhhmmm so beautiful!

  43. james says:

    Yes boy

  44. tracee rey says:

    your work as well as you are an inspiration to me

  45. my comments r not being approved…………

  46. Alan says:

    Just so unique !

  47. Justin says:


  48. Andy says:

    Awaiting moderation for too long.

  49. johnflattop says:

    Im prolly way too late

  50. Jbo says:

    Smell that 100

  51. I hope Im lucky 100!!!!

  52. Justin says:

    i gotta get this

  53. alexis ayala says:

    I need this peace

  54. I hope im lucky 100!!!

  55. Alan says:

    Just when i thought the black piece was dope

  56. Justin says:

    this is a must have

  57. Jezelle says:

    so dope! I hope i win

  58. Danny says:

    Soullll Fresh!

  59. issey says:

    too fresh

  60. I hope im lucky 100

  61. darrylwayne says:

    Am I the right caller?

  62. Alexei Lee says:

    shit is really raw

  63. snkskn says:

    still only 66 Comments anf my comments are still awaiting moderation.

  64. says:

    any other colors coming out?

  65. Colin says:

    I really think this is beautiful and would like to explain it to people while I wear it on my arm.

  66. Jbo says:

    Want to have dope on my Arm ha

  67. james says:

    Yes boi

  68. issey says:

    please be 100th

  69. mtarkhov says:

    oh let me be the 100th! :)

  70. aaronaa says:

    I will be comment #100……. i hope. =)

  71. I hope I’m lucky 100!!!

  72. issey says:

    neeeeed this

  73. Vince says:

    Winner winner, chicken dinner!

  74. issey says:

    lessss go 100th

  75. brando says:

    LOVE IT!

  76. Eddie Cruz says:

    Hope i win!!

  77. Justin says:

    i have to be #100

  78. Jaela says:

    I want it!

  79. snkskn says:

    win win win

  80. well zamn…this took forevs

  81. Albi says:


  82. rob says:

    hook me up maestro

  83. issey says:

    gonna be me

  84. Alec N says:

    the RED is FRESH

  85. malik alhasan says:

    shayan afshar outdid himself with these

  86. Justin says:

    i gotta get this asap

  87. Gamma says:

    this is great. I wish I could win this

  88. Eddie Cruz says:


  89. edwin. says:

    the inspiration behind the piece is great!

  90. well zamn……..this took forevs

  91. taylor says:

    20 more comments to go!!! Im tryna be the 1st chick in CT with the Infinity Piece…LOL :)

  92. issey says:

    less goo 100th

  93. Justin says:

    this is crazy

  94. BrilliantSpeaks says:

    The infinity idea is amazing, can’t wait to get my handa on one

  95. Jaela says:

    Please give it to me Maestro!

  96. Jeff says:

    red looks sick.

  97. arman singh says:


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