La Californie Oui Oui

February 21, 2011   Posted by Levi Maestro

In celebration of my new “La Californie” sweatshirt releasing soon I decided to make my way around the island of Oahu and drop off some goods. If you aren’t in Hawaii to grab one on these, the sweatshirt will release here on the site on 2/24. Check the video for Yue‘s explanation on what La Californie is all about.

Click here to Buy.

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390 Comments to “La Californie Oui Oui”

  1. John Liwag says:

    just chln. want that crewneck!

  2. Jarren Mangindin says:

    Love the design maestro

    ***200TH COMMENT WINNER***

  3. Frank C says:


  4. Janik says:


  5. Chickenerito says:

    “Thats oneee hell of a liiiife”

  6. Janik says:


  7. Dan Snitman says:

    I’m I 200?

  8. Magdeldin Hamid says:

    ofcourse now i get the your posting too quickly comments!!

  9. Charlie G says:


  10. Alexei Lee says:


  11. Jeremy Doest says:


  12. Jose Ruiz says:


  13. Marcel says:

    awesome sweatshirt!!!

  14. Matt says:

    ayo is this the 200? shaka atcha boy.

  15. Saushonia says:

    Sweatshirt! please? Levi!

  16. Matty Yu says:

    You logged off Ustream yesterday hella quick man

  17. Marques says:

    Aloha Friday… I need this one #DopeShit

  18. Angel M. says:

    What up homie!!

  19. Amy C says:

    I want to rep Maestro Knows all the way in North Carolina! I hope I win this wonderful sweatshirt!

  20. Junn Gesmundo says:

    dope sweater maestro!

  21. Janik says:


  22. Saushonia says:

    Sweatshirt! please? levi

  23. Juan Espino says:

    Dope Sweatshirt! 200th!!!

  24. Alexei Lee says:


  25. Khavin says:

    Sweatshirt is dope homie keep it up!

  26. Magdeldin Hamid says:


  27. Matty Yu says:

    Need this sweatshirt!

  28. Saushonia says:

    Sweatshirt! please? levi Sweatshirt! please? levi

  29. jjake williams says:

    Hook it up bruh!!

  30. Alexei Lee says:

    fire swewater famooo!

  31. Jose Ruiz says:


  32. Dexter Fizz says:

    ill take that sweatshirt

  33. Charlie G says:

    What up? Leh go!

  34. Matt del Fresco says:

    Maestro knows though, s’wussup.

  35. Janik says:


  36. Amy C says:

    Ahh just a few more… Enjoy, whoever wins! thank you maestro!

  37. kai says:


  38. Magdeldin Hamid says:

    i dont think im gonna win. But i’d love to haha

  39. Saushonia says:


  40. John Liwag says:

    jhnlwg + maestro crewneck. ooooh wee!

  41. Patrick says:

    YAY I WIN!

  42. Alexei Lee says:

    need this joint ya dig?

  43. Sammy Lemar says:

    Maestro you’re a inspiration. Keep doing what you do!

  44. CHRIS says:

    maestro u got me

  45. Matty Yu says:

    Yue Wu is the man.

  46. isaac says:

    west siiiiiiiiddde!

  47. Steve says:

    this sweatshirt is AWESOME!

  48. Saushonia says:

    Crewneck! Crewneck! Crewneck!

  49. John Liwag says:

    let me get that!!!

  50. Magdeldin Hamid says:

    The counter has been on 192 for the past 3 refreshs.

  51. BC says:

    Thing is NICE!!!

  52. Lajuanda says:

    Hehe yay!

  53. Janik says:

    who win?

  54. Alexei Lee says:

    oui oui kid

  55. Charlie G says:

    What up?

  56. CHRIS says:

    u got me right maestro

  57. Jose Ruiz says:

    Let me get it!!!!!! Pplease! Lol

  58. Sammy Lemar says:

    I hope I win this hoody. It’s so sweet!

  59. @imisaac says:


  60. Charlie G says:

    What is the count now?

  61. Paulo says:



  63. Marques says:


  64. Myk says:

    one last try!!

  65. Sammy Lemar says:

    Fingers crossed on me being the 200th comment!

  66. Kimberly says:

    Californie love! =)

  67. John Liwag says:

    Californie Oui Oui crewneck! I see you babeee! *Yue Wu Voice*

  68. Marcus Jennings says:


  69. Magdeldin Hamid says:

    So, im tryna get in photography.

  70. Jose Ruiz says:

    Did I win?

  71. Matt del Fresco says:

    I HELLA dig it lol, Cali

  72. John Liwag says:

    let’s hope that i win this, levi!

  73. Adam says:

    Dope ass sweater!!

  74. Khavin says:

    Love the sweatshirt

  75. John Liwag says:

    Swag. Grr. Crewneck. Oui Oui.

  76. Marques says:

    Need this

  77. Charlie G says:

    Grey all day

  78. chris says:

    yo maestro wussup from houston

  79. Alexei Lee says:

    did anyone find those sweatshirts?

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