Guessing Game.

February 3, 2011   Posted by Levi Maestro

First person to comment telling me who this is and what it’s for get’s my new sweater and an “Infinity Piece”!

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584 Comments to “Guessing Game.”

  1. sean paek says:

    Eminem To Star In Lipton Brisk Claymation Super Bowl Ad

  2. Lionell says:

    This is Eminem.

  3. angel says:

    Eminem for brisk commercial

  4. Klaezy says:

    Eminem! Marshall Mathers

  5. Alex says:

    This is an Eminem figurine for a completely awesome upcoming project……..?

  6. Peter says:

    Slim Shady. Eminem!

  7. Rick Dixon says:

    oh and i forgot, the figures probably for his brisk commercial.

  8. Milos says:


  9. Alex Gomez says:


  10. Milos says:

    oh snap forgot to say it’s for a Brisk commercial? or New music video?

  11. Philip Chun says:

    dude, eminem. no doubt.

  12. Erik H says:

    Looks like Eminem!

    Is it for his superbowl commercial?

  13. Scott Cota says:

    Eminem (Marshall Mathers), For a new Brisk Tea commercial

  14. Skip Jones says:

    That is an Eminemn puppet for his Superbowl stop motion commercial, that will air this Sunday.

  15. Erik H says:

    Forgot to add, BRISK Eminem commercial!

  16. Justin Carpio says:

    Looks like Eminem. And looks like its for a commercial.

  17. Scott says:

    Eminem ( Marshall Mathers), For Brisk Tea commercial

  18. Scott says:

    Eminem, for Brisk Tea commercial

  19. Alex Gomez says:

    and you use it as an action figure!

  20. mario says:

    its eminem and a new eminem video.

  21. Scott says:

    Eminem, Brisk Tea commercial

  22. kenny says:

    Eminem Puppet Super Bowl Ad – Lipton Brisk 2011

  23. gregory j says:

    eminem for brisk ice tea add for the super bowl!

  24. gregory j says:

    i mean * ad for the super bowl!

  25. Oscar Gozum says:

    Eminem !

  26. Lewis says:


  27. Oscar Gozum says:

    And for his song toy soldiers ?

  28. Chris C says:

    It’s Eminem!!

  29. yaya says:

    Eminem? Claymation?

  30. Ashton Gooding says:

    The Levi Maestro action figure of course! for the enjoyment of people of all ages, races, and backgrounds to enjoy!

  31. eminem – for the brisk claymation superbowl commercial

  32. Tomi Agbesanwa says:

    its eminem and its for a brisk commercial

  33. Joe says:

    Eminem for Brisk

  34. andrew issarapaiboon says:

    it eminem

  35. diana j says:

    eminem for the i need a doctor shoot?

  36. Jared P says:


  37. cpr360 says:

    It is eminem for his claymation brisk commercial!

  38. Saul Arellano says:

    That Sir Is, Eminem & It Will Be Used In An Ad Campaign For Lipton Brisk Tea :), It Will Air During The Super Bowl.

  39. robert harrell says:

    eminem. its for a show

  40. Lawrence says:

    Eminem for Lipton Brisk?!

  41. cpr360 says:

    His robot figure that they use for the animation.

  42. jarren mangindin says:


  43. Daniel says:

    Eminem for “Brisk” Super Bowl commercial Spot.

  44. Sterling says:

    Marshal Mathers Eminiem

  45. JJONES13 says:

    lol is it suppose to be you?

  46. JJONES13 says:

    is it you for Machete?

  47. JJONES13 says:

    brisk claymation!!

  48. Juan Hernandez says:

    Eminem!!!!!! Marshall Mathers. 😀

  49. Chris says:

    Eminem, Super Bowl Ad

  50. mogz says:

    eminem for a new music video

  51. mogz says:

    eminem for a super bowl commercial

  52. LadyL says:

    It’s Eminem!! And its for a claymation video??

  53. kt says:

    a justin timberlake doll with a hidden camera in it?

  54. trey says:

    is it eminem for the new brisk commercial

  55. Lei says:

    AAAAYYYEEE! This is Eminem & the Brisk Iced Tea Commercial for the Superbowl

  56. jj5 says:

    Marshall Mathers/Eminem and for his new video?

  57. jj5 says:

    Eminem for the Brisk Super Bowl Commercial

  58. Lei says:

    Eminem for the CLAYMATION Brisk Iced Tea Superbowl commercial <— had to post twice just to make sure i win!

  59. Beck says:

    eminem, super bowl ad for ice tea!

  60. Jbo says:

    That’s emeniem and it’s for the brisk commercials!

  61. Wayne D says:

    Eminem. For the upcoming Superbowl Ice Tea commercial?

  62. Wayne D says:

    Eminems Liptop Brisk Ice Tea, Superbowl commercial

  63. Jbo says:

    Emeniem, brisk claymation commercial. Yee

  64. Paul Chin says:

    Eminem as a doll for his new music video!

  65. khavin says:

    Eminem…. For the Grammy?

  66. Doug says:

    During the commerical breaks for the Super Bowl this Sunday, Eminem will appear as a Claymation puppet in an ad campaign for Lipton Brisk Tea.

  67. Nicholas Ashmon says:

    This is Marshall Mathers

  68. Ameer (@ameercarter) says:

    No. It’s eminem and it’s a bobblehead!

  69. Ian Coyle says:

    Its Eminem..the claymation is going to used for the Brisk commercial set to air for the super bowl

  70. Sean Lack says:

    Mr. Marshall Mathers aka EMINEM for The Lipton Brisk iced tea ad for Super Bowl

  71. johnny nguyen says:


  72. johnny nguyen says:

    eminem and for stop motion cartoon

  73. CJ Chat says:

    it looks like eminem and i would say the “i need a doctor” video shoot.

  74. Ian Coyle says:

    Its Eminem…The claymation is for the Brisk commercial set to air for the Super Bowl.

  75. Andrew S says:

    That’s Eminem for the brisk ad for the superbowl!

  76. Tyler Small says:

    Eminem In the Lipton Brisk Claymation Super Bowl Ad

  77. Lionell says:

    eminem doll for a stop-motion Lipton Brisk Super Bowl commercial

  78. Jeannot says:

    Eminem. It’s going to be used for the claymation Super Bowl commercial break this Sunday in an ad campaign for Lipton Brisk Tea.

  79. dynamicproducer says:

    Looks like eminem.

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