Will Smith on The Law Of Attraction

January 12, 2011   Posted by Levi Maestro

Really cool to watch this and absorb his perspective as I’ve been able to apply some of these like-minded principles into my life and journey into becoming the individual I am thus far. Whenever someone has asked how I’ve done what I’ve done or something similar to the matter I always respond with the simple fact that I decided to set after the accomplishment of what I’m now doing at this point and on a daily basis which is everything I love.

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11 Comments to “Will Smith on The Law Of Attraction”

  1. Dcypher says:

    Excellent principles man! Thanks for sharing.

  2. cpr360 says:

    I can not say that this is true. I have thought really negative thoughts at times and still had good things happen to me. So doesn’t that cancel out the law of attraction?

  3. It’s so true. You can’t reach a goal, if you can’t define it. So many people have an idea of what they want. However unless you define it you’ll be wasting your energy. You need that laser focus.

  4. Thanks Maestro! What a great way to motivate my day!

  5. Marc Winston says:

    Thanks Maestro! Brotha I needed that…

  6. Adam Elramly says:

    Wilson knows what’s up! The way he speaks about dedication is motivating.

  7. Coley Cole says:

    C’mon Will, who could be sexier than you? LOL… I dig this though.

  8. wroobel says:

    I was hugely influenced by him about 3 years ago when I saw this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KEMEBBwO6J8
    Running and reading is my philosophy since than.

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  10. Lawrence says:

    I’m reading this book right now… great stuff.


  11. Wow…incredible stuff. I’ve come to appreciate the Smith family over the years… truly great words and inspirational!

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