Ty Evans and Atiba Jefferson GH2 Skate

January 15, 2011   Posted by Levi Maestro

A great piece from two very respected influencers in the art of skateboard filmmaking and photography.

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2 Comments to “Ty Evans and Atiba Jefferson GH2 Skate”

  1. Wow… just the opening scene is monumental! It reminds me of “let the beat build” by lil wayne… working up to that moment when you really go in… Pretty sick cinematography… Amazing skating as well. P-Rod the best!

  2. Niko says:

    Panasonic trying to catch up to the 7D and 5DMk dos. I can’t say if they’re too late or anything, but I can say that they are putting money into the right hands when it comes to promotion.

    Such rad shredding, Vincent Alvarez never ceases to amaze…makes that new venice shit look SO fun.
    Also me being a long time Animal Collective fan, hella hyped to see my boy Atiba’s got Noah’s number direct, ya know, whenever he needs an inst. instead of making one himself like the old days of early 2000 Transworlds, ah, he’ll just hit up Panda Bear, lucky sob haha!

    That was good shit! I like how everyone put Mike Mo on an incognito steez for all the footage he gets, like he’s been progressing and doing the best tricks you know, but I like how there was that one nutty add of him waaaaaaay back, tailslide to frontshuvit to switch crooks all on the same ledge. And then it was like Mr. Howard was just all, yeah let’s not even let the industry know what he’s doing, his part will drop and it will just blow minds, so fast foward to projects like this, and it’s like they got the dude on timeout or something. Alright Mo, only fakie flip tailslides and what people have already seen ok? Haha, love it, and can’t wait for the new Girl joint! Hope Spike Jonze has as much involvement as he did in Yeah Right!

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