Tour Edition (Episode 6)

January 12, 2011   Posted by Levi Maestro


GL What up! Yo TY what up! ATL what up! Maestro Knows.

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  1. […] Maestro wraps up his last tour edition episode in ATL. Watch as he heads to Atlanta’s own Thumbs Up diner for some birthday grub, swings by the shop of course, then off to Zach’s studio to get some work in. Plus a guest appearance by GLC who lets us preview an exclusive track from him and Bun B. Definitely a must see episode. […]

  2. Marcus from SJ says:

    Maestro Knows Japan? what? I am looking forward to that episdode. This was pretty legit.

  3. tysstyle says:

    Bro, great video once again. I’m anticipating some sweet episodes when you guys go to Japan, but from the sounds of things that aint for a while. Keep these sweet vids coming! -tys

  4. huet says:

    Yeahhhh maestro …… increible man !!!!!!! congratulations 😉

  5. nicholas-t says:


  6. jollystomper says:

    you can tell he’s tired with bags under his eyes. He’s really dedicated HAPPY BIRTHDAY.

  7. Постарел Maestro… постарел {:\

  8. Cory Gibbons says:

    great work.
    really looking forward to maestro x japan

  9. Omar says:

    Happy Belated B-DAY Maestro! looks like you had a good one. Thanks for another great episode. PEACE

  10. Billyyy says:

    hey great episode. can anybody tell me what hat maestro is wearing in this vid? thanks.

  11. CJ Garcia says:

    What’s up Maestro? I’ve been keeping up with your vids. good stuff. you got me hooked on that john legend song. Check out my cover of it.


  12. KingD says:

    Episode is dope as normal.

    Hat is by Award Tour ^

  13. boiledsoil says:

    does anyone know the beat playing throughout the video?

  14. A. Belle says:

    the song is uptown by drake
    great vid maestro, as always.

  15. moe(reece) says:

    I like, I like. Im keeping up with u brotha (greenelabel) 100

  16. […] here at Peachtree. I opened up with 15 out of town’ers from Daytona who saw our shop on Maestro’s show. Oh yea did I mention we launched our new site? Now, Larramie isn’t a real […]

  17. […] named him Arnold in episode 6. This is Arnoldo’s puppy, he lives with Chris Black in New York, which is were I am now. If […]

  18. Yasser says:

    Man I love that instrumental in the intro. Who is it and what song.

  19. Anthony says:

    Blowing on ice cream…now that’s some funny shit.

  20. Jeroen says:

    I know what you talking about with blowin on cold stuffxD.

  21. felicia says:

    Rita’s is the shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiietttttttt! We have them all over florida!

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