Tour Edition (Episode 4)

January 12, 2011   Posted by Levi Maestro



“All you other little smoothie drink places need to step  your game up”!  Maestro Knows.

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19 Comments to “Tour Edition (Episode 4)”

  1. tysstyle says:

    Bro, so legit! Thank you for posting! -tys

  2. Shisssssh; next time im up there imma hit up flight club that spot was too straight.

  3. KidsDestroy says:

    Hey maestro

    only the second or third vid i see but im hooked
    you should really put this stuff up on itunes podcast
    id subscribe in a heartbeet

    KidsDestroy, El Paso Tx

  4. Elrealswagg says:

    Hey Maestro when you coming to Toronto? btw i been watching your videos since day 1… im out deuces!

  5. dave weihs says:

    i watch every week!!! you need to list all the songs you use. you have great soundtracks!

  6. nateg. says:

    Maestro! Happy birthday to you bro. Been following up on your web shows, everyone of them have been dope. Keep it up, and I actually been following you up on twitter too.

  7. Whoaaaawhat? says:

    yo maestro,
    you need to check this mixtape out
    Naledge (Chicago Picasso)

    its craaaaazy
    keep up the great vids.

  8. Kangol says:

    I have watched all your episodes since day 1.
    This is the best In my opinion! and I completely agree with KidsDestroy about the podcast.
    Thanks for making this video for people to enjoy and for some to hate on.. Appreciate it!

  9. Jackpot says:

    Damn this was a dope episode yo..
    what more could they ask for?

  10. Mr. Purple says:

    Man that chopped and screwed voice that you do gets me every time! BROoooklyn Briidge HAhahahahaha that’s too funny!!

    Keep up the good work!

  11. warhol15 says:

    I am hooked on your work man.

  12. jimi says:

    Cafe Habana kills it, nice.

  13. Seb says:

    Wow thats a sweet denim shirt that dude is wearing, what make is it? 😛

  14. Eddie says:

    yo keep up the good work…. haterz make you famous!

  15. duckie says:

    This ones was my fav of the tour edition. EVERYBODY was in this badboy & yu had this crazy glow of energy & it was NONstop dope’ness lol street transaction! LMAO! When i seen 13witness it was a WRAP! i was like yooooooooooooooooooooooooooow! lol


  16. jochpa says:

    habana’s is that shitttt!!!!! and that mos def beat is def Dilla, how mos take that from skyzoo?

  17. bryan pudney says:

    you love the red flanel

  18. nick katherina says:

    3:34 – nice laugh maestro

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