Questions 33

January 18, 2011   Posted by Levi Maestro

Maestro what do you value more: Artistic/Creative Pursuits or Academic/Scientific Pursuits? Let me add that art is a luxury. Science is a responsibility.

Submitted by Zian. Jan 18, 2010

Personally I appreciate art & creativity more because it’s what I enjoy and it’s also what I do to create my financial gain. As far as the difference between one being a luxury and the other being a responsibility, that’s really a matter of opinion because saying it’s a responsibility could suggest it’s importance to this worldly life which some may not be as concerned about as others. Really it could go a million different ways. I’m really thankful that I have been given a life of freedom that has allowed me to choose creativity as an outlet to make change where as others may find a more traditional way, much more suitable. It’s cool, our differences of interest are simply another thing that make life more unique.

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