OZZY Claymation BRISK Story

January 15, 2011   Posted by Levi Maestro

BRISK continues to knock em out the park! This new Claymation series is really an awesome reincarnation of the originals. So far Danny & Ozzy are perfect selections to play these characters, super fun and hilarious. Learn “How To Be Normal” at least from Ozzy’s humorous perspective below.

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3 Comments to “OZZY Claymation BRISK Story”

  1. cpr360 says:

    Normal=Mediocrity. But that was not even a story. It was more like an attention grabber and it really did kind of make me want to go get a brisk.

  2. Haha nice… was that really Ozzy’s voice thou?? Sounded really clear and the last time I heard him speak, I couldn’t understand a word he said…

  3. Niko says:

    Yeah it was his alright, he was just trying really hard :) Ozzy’s the man, and that was great commentary on “normal” life, essentially “normal” in this sense means disconnecting with yourself.

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