NYC Edition (Nigel Sylvester)

January 12, 2011   Posted by Levi Maestro


“Forget a black card man, he got a FIVE GUYS card.”  Maestro Knows.

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51 Comments to “NYC Edition (Nigel Sylvester)”

  1. first comment omg best vid

  2. i told bak on the other pivture teaser it was nigel sylvestar

  3. PKAY says:

    great job, again!!!

  4. tim lindacher says:

    nice work maestro. nigels is a beast!

  5. kontrol247 says:

    Nice new episode, the inspiration in this video is heavy, watching Nigel and seeing his grind is always great, he pushes everyday like its his last and I love that.

  6. nigka says:

    dope man dope

  7. judith says:

    love the episode! and NewYork!!
    such a buisy city youre always in action when youre there… and you see so many different things that happen all at the same time.. awesomenesss :)
    love your work and the energy in each episode!
    greetings from Germany :)

  8. Carlyle says:

    whats that luda song?
    i need that!

    Live Episode!

  9. Tony Macferson says:

    Dope episode Maestro!)) BMX in NYC look so nice!))

  10. luciano says:

    it doesnt get any better than another MAESTRO KNOWS season. this guys visuals are so crazy and intricate.
    chronicling the rise of a fashion house in BROOKLYN via MILANO AND PORTOFINO.

  11. William Gibson says:

    Dopeness I’m cruising in a vintage Gt when im cruising

  12. alex says:

    what is the name of the song in the video that ludacris raps on?

  13. JordanAmbassador4Life says:

    Sick Varsity jacket

  14. sam callis says:

    ooow I LOVE this city.
    Yo man Nigel doin it big in the BMX game. So good to see another die hard guy doin what they love every day and be so proud of it.
    😀 Cant wait for next weeks!

  15. Maestro man i am really excited about this NYC edition! great episode man. Big ups from South San Francisco!

  16. Tjaandizzle says:

    i´m a skateboarder and now a bmx-fan. somehow it makes me wanna ride a bmx…

  17. ThaINfamous says:

    The song is “Bulletproof” by Raheem DeVaughn Feat Luda.

  18. Ben says:

    nigel is my fav bmxer period.

  19. tyson faa says:

    perfect just perfect. feels like you picked up right were you left off with your last episode. -tys

  20. eugenemcfly says:

    this is the dopest episode Period.

  21. Arjan says:

    Oh shit! I know that kid Cheech. Dude’s ill..

    Dope episode..

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  23. dude says:

    i complained that you were eating at a fast food chain in africa… im glad you showed some great food places this time …
    great episode ! nigel kicked it !
    oh ! where’s the skatepark in new york at ??

    lookin forward to the next episode!

  24. cusefan99 says:

    sick episode….you have a great talent to put these together the way you do.

  25. vh says:

    shit is dope man.

  26. matt says:

    easily the best episode. i love your show.

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  28. Lukey F. Babey says:

    Wooowww! This is why I always tell people to never settle into doing something you dont love doing because when you do something you are passionate about for a living, people can getup on a day to day basis like you fellas and just grindout like its your first day on the job. Iono about every1 else but its very clear that you fellas love this shit and cant wait to wakeup the next day to do it again. Big ups man I really like this video.

  29. elsavage323 says:


  30. D-Richmond says:

    this is a school boy question but wats the song playing at 2mins 30 – 4mins 10!its buggin me soooo bad.thanks guys

  31. nicholas-t says:

    2Dope, love bmx ing!

  32. jmike says:

    So smooth. Whats the intro beat? parra?

  33. modi says:

    sorry, not that song. i mean from the intro to the 2:30 mark. delete that first comment! and edit this one so i don’t look crazy!

    the madbury club affiliate that you haven’t encountered yet.

    – modi

  34. wicked stuff, what is the track at 3mins?

  35. @D-Richmond yeah that is the one i am mean aswell

  36. nick katherina says:

    I had to go get 5 guys after watching this…bacon cheeseburger there = sex on a bun.

  37. maggie says:

    beat = camron x kanye ‘down+out’

    dope episode. u got me hooked!

  38. Peu Frias says:

    damn.. maestro knows good times!

    this episode was a breath of fresh air… and bmx looks so dope in NYC, this Nigel boy sure got the steeze!

    but is funny how its looks so wierd to peep a scene that you don’t know, like the bmx scene.. sometimes we got too stucked into skateboarding.. fuck that though, skatin is my thang!

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  40. LEGIT interesting from start to finish.

    I’m often motivated but few inspire me.


  41. thanks for the tune heads up, was killing me

  42. Zian says:

    What is this. This is the first time I’ve ever seen clothes at Format.

  43. Larisa says:

    Man, you’re simply amazing.
    I wish I could document you, documenting yourself so you could see half of what I see. Keep it up.

    MAESTRO KNOWS, word.

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  45. chipper says:

    Love the OBEY Shephard Fairey in the background at the BX spot

  46. Mr. Purple says:

    They recently opened up a Five Guys Burgers and Fries in MASS that place is sooo good! Another great episode Maestro!

  47. KingKasH says:


    you didnt talk about his Nigel Sylvester x Nike 6.0s… i was hoping that you would ah well.. future vid

  48. max says:

    anyone know what denim Nigel is wearing?

  49. KingKasH says:

    you tell mr sylvester the next time you meet him, that his nike 6.0’s are AMAZING…

  50. I have to keep a low profile.

  51. Saziso says:

    Had to go back to this episode. One of my faves!

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