Tour Edition (Episode 1)

January 12, 2011   Posted by Levi Maestro


I always wanted to see the arch!

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15 Comments to “Tour Edition (Episode 1)”

  1. nicholast says:

    Nice episode Maestro, you gotta come to see Amsterdam, in an oversea tour! Keep the work going!

  2. Teddy says:

    Excited for these tour videos.
    What camera/camcorder do you use to record your videos? Hopefully not a janky flip mino.

  3. Naeemah I. says:

    The video was ill man, where have I been for the past 12 episodes? Haha.

  4. ceeloww says:

    The only wack thing about your episodes is I wish they were longer. But I guess thats what makes me keep coming back for more. Keep doing your thing Love every Ep so far !!!

  5. Eric Love says:

    Ok, so real talk.. When I first caught one of your episodes, I was like “Who the hell is this cat?” But got damn boy, your Episodes are absolutely great fam! I have since went back to check them all out. Very well put together and its great to have industry contacts that allow you to show another side of them to the world. Keep it up Maestro!! Get at me when you make it to the ATL, my wifey is dying to meet you (whats that and Mr. Hamilton.


  6. B Hawkins says:

    niiiceee…goin with an ol’ track from UGK in the start…DOPE

  7. your like my role model maaestrooo ~!
    keep doing what you do ! :DD

  8. Mr. Andre says:

    Yo Maestro!

    I wish you woulda let know about when you were comin through Houston! My peoples woulda put you down proper; even though it looks like you did do it up proper!

    What you know about them Texas boys!?

  9. adrian white says:

    how u like it in stl?

  10. yo im Jharred! says:

    once again my dude another dope episode!
    daps and pounds to the man who came up with the idea to take the show on tour. but aye man when u comin to atlanta?!?!
    no doubt i’ll definitly be out to see the show

  11. Mikey says:

    hey maestro, what’s the song at the beginning? sounds tight.

  12. jamessem says:

    I think, that is not present.

  13. skizz my nig says:

    hey maestro what kind of video camera do you use, because it has good quality.

  14. dummycream says:

    The song at the beginning is One Day by Underground Kingz.

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