Maestro Knows – Special Edition (Levi Maestro)

January 12, 2011   Posted by Levi Maestro

This is a big deal. This is the 1st episode of my show that I had no part in creating. Up until this point I’ve shot and cut all 40 episodes, however in this piece I got the easy task of just straight cruising around and being documented by my good friend Zack Mctee. Zack compiled several weeks of footage with me in New York as well as in Tokyo this summer. His talent for film-making (especially editing) have come a long way since I met him 4 years ago. He did an awesome job and I’m super thankful he put all the time into creating this video. Also, I just wrote this whole post with one hand…I’m super impressed =)

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67 Comments to “Maestro Knows – Special Edition (Levi Maestro)”

  1. tomimilos says:

    zack & levi great job! very insightful. loved getting the thoughts of levi nigel, daichi, and 13th witness. different film-maker but still retains the trademark Maestro Knows positivity and creativeness.

  2. samchez says:

    this is one of the most enjoyable episodes. nice to see your friends putting the focus on you, and it’s very fitting that it was done entirely by someone else

  3. Ryan says:


  4. Itoro Udoko says:

    Big ups Maestro. You’re definitely inspiring other members of this generation. Everything has come a long way since I first started keeping up with you.

  5. Marshall says:

    wow man

  6. Klaus says:

    Almost coolest episode yet! Only drifting beat this haha.
    And great people again and the coolest part of it we could see a lil bit more of your character and your history.

  7. duy says:

    there is nothing left to say except that this episode is gorgeous!
    everyone is talking just too sweet about you!

    you are inspiring so much pepole.

  8. griffin says:

    To me MK gives me hope

  9. David R says:

    personally, I thought that this was in it’s own right amazing. While it’s doesn’t have necessarily the same flow we’re all accustomed to seeing in all the other videos (because of it being someone’s own, original style) it was great. It was, atleast to me, a way to show a insight into your character and your determination to do what you love through testiomonials from other creative people who have had the chance to work with you. I loved it from start to finish and especially the finish, where you stress the point that representing yourself is much more genuine then representing for a city you happened to be raised in.

  10. Aaron says:

    The day will never come where I won’t be inspired by an episode of Maestro Knows. Daichi is too funny!!! Hahahaha

  11. Brad says:

    Props to you LM. Im sure im not the only one inspired by you, and im sure all these comments push you THAT much further. Keep doin what your doin.

    on a side note. Zack Mctee killed this!

  12. Emmee says:

    One of the best MK episode !
    I like the new “point of view”, like Levi doesn’t take us with him, we actually follow him and his friends.

  13. Levi says:

    This is a dope episode, MK talking about his homies DOPE STUFF

  14. Michael Kusumadjaja says:

    True & Livin’. This is really ill from begining to the end & ‘6 feet deep’ at the end too! Woooooeeey… This guy zack is a monster! My favorite MAESTROKNOWS episode yet.

  15. cc says:

    amazing. loved 13th witness part. definitly worth watching again… and again

  16. Makani Payo says:

    A nice recap of people you have met. Your definitely one of a kind for what you have started! So inspirational and creative from day one. Keep it up and Thank You for my Infinity Piece I received today.

  17. Vida says:

    I’m so incredibly captivated and inspired by you Levi. What you said at the end about how you don’t have to represent where you came from…really hit home. Stay blessed. Xx.

  18. Issey says:

    Maestro knows helped me see more of the creative part of life and style and see the brighter side to life as a teen trying to find my place in the world, seriously owe a lot to you and your videos thanks

  19. Xavier says:

    By far one of the best episodes of MK. Zack did a great job on putting the spot light on not only you, but everyone else. Since your very first episode a little over 2 years now I feel as if I’ve gotten to know these individuals in your showcases, whether it be Nigel, 13th or even Diatchi you guys are an inspiration. Your story and journey to success is just incredible. Thank you for all that you’ve done, which in short is just being yourself which has gotten you far and you’ve impacted several lives from your inner circle all the way to the people commenting here. Again, Thank You.


  20. e. says:

    damn…great video, fellas!

  21. Nobody says:

    Great vid Maestro! Been a fan of your show for a while and it’s great seeing you progress! Gives people hope, keep on keeping on bro :)

  22. RAy says:

    Very nice and impressive!

  23. Trevor says:

    nice to see how important friendships can be, all of you are amazingly ambitious, creative, and unique people, and it is nice to see the impact you have had on each others lives. keep up the amazing work, I look forward to it.

  24. Hassan says:

    10 minutes of PURE INSPIRATION !!

  25. Pim says:

    @ school today, I had kind of a dip, everything there so oftenly tends to be so absorbant to creativity and positivity. But then I realized that last night (I’m in europe) this episode was to be uploaded, and it totally reset my mind to where it needs to be. Thanks again Levi, i’m sure one day I will reach my dreams too and achieve what I want too; being able to show people how beautiful this thing called life really is.

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  27. chris says:

    i LOVE THIS EPISODE! zack did a great job of showcasing his own style but still keeping it MAESTRO.

  28. Coley Cole says:

    Hey Maestro! That was awesomeness right there booooooyeeee!

  29. Tom Scott says:

    True to maestro knows, this is seriously legitimate. This Super slick video by Zack fits right in with Levi’s work, well done is an understatement. Come a looooong way since the yeezy video when I first started watching.

    Maestro for prez!

  30. claudio says:

    si esta bueno, la quedo bien a zack

  31. JNSQ_Pierre says:

    Zack did a great job on this episode, he made the video his own without taking away from originality of a typical MaestroKnows episode and thats dope!

  32. eriiccooo says:

    veryyy verryyyyy inspiring 😀

    love it.

    hooooraaayyy for leviiii!

  33. Chad Gibson says:

    Amazing to see the journey begin & where it will take you.

  34. stixfigure says:

    Nice work, as usual keep entertaining us and enjoying life in the mean time.

  35. Adam Miller says:

    Geto Boys! love that song at the end! good to see another video

  36. Levi… I say this with the utmost of respect; I dig the way you move through life and the energy and love you push back into the world. Many people talk a good game about “just do you”, very few just do themselves! Keep doing what you do. I appreciate the flow.


  37. Oscar says:


  38. Vee says:

    Great work, captures Levi Maestro’s essence very well.

  39. Gursh says:

    The video looks good. I could tell it didn’t have the Maestro touch in a couple of scene.. throughout the video i was wondering if you had someone else edit it… then i read the caption and i was like ohhhhh. Theres parts in there where Nigel Sylvester`s lips dont match his voice or maybe my computer is lagging.
    In my personal opinion Maestro Knows has revolutionized what entertainment should be. I think more people should step up and show their views of life and just have fun creating. Your idea for this show will always continue to inspire.
    Hope to meet you one day.

  40. Jacob Akroyd says:

    Well, if I’m at my friends’ houses, I feel it’s necessary to jump on their comp and show them Maestro Knows immediately. Why? Because it inspires me, gives me motivation and just makes me smile :)
    Keep up the great work, coz we’re loving every second of it. Even out here in Australia 😀

  41. Alexa Marshall says:

    I watch your episodes because they are a breath of fresh air. Something innovative and most importantly REAL. In a world of so much fake… it is nice to see life enjoyed in its purest form and the individuals you meet along the way. Your humbleness inspires and your pure passion for life can be seen through your film. When you’re riding that skateboard through the city… you can see your appreciation for the world. Thanks for letting me see through your eyes Maestro.

  42. Tim says:

    “Like a ball of life…” The most accurate quote I’ve heard to describe Maestro…
    Great video.

  43. samchez says:

    i totally relate to being raised and influenced by personal interests, as opposed to where i am from

  44. Wolf says:

    I’m so happy I’ve seen him grow and expand to new heights and I remember the first time I saw the first episode, wondering who is this dude and how did he get the air yeezys so damn early haha I truly admire your passion for what you do and I look forward to seeing bigger and greater things from you, God bless Maestro

  45. your positivity is beyond inspiring.

    cant stop.
    wont stop.

  46. Philip Chun says:

    standin ovation

  47. Dee says:

    Pure. Inspiration.

    Enough said.

  48. saanna says:


  49. Vanessa says:

    Like everyone else said, very inspiring. I look at you, a young guy navigating his 20s doing his own thing and think, “I GOTS TO GET GOING ON MY JOURNEY!” This is just one step towards furthering your dream and it is great to see you on your way!

  50. esse says:

    Awesome to see the perspective coming from someone other than Maestro! Love the contrasting pieces where you hear what someone says about Maestro and then you hear Maestro’s thoughts in return. Dope piece! Love that it’s a bit longer… I could spend hours watching a Maestro Knows Episode! Lol, why did 13th hide his identity?! Interesting…

  51. cpr360 says:

    This has got to be my favorite episode. Sorry, maestro, but it is the longest one, it has more than one person interviewed on there. And all the interviews are different in their own way. Also, we see a side of you that we do not see in most of the other ones. And we never see zack mctee. He is so mysterious to us. He has made this great video. Yet we do not know who he is or what he looks like, though we know what he does so maybe we can find him from that. Thanks Zack.

  52. good things. always an inspiration!
    cant tell you how many basketballs i’ve spray painted gold haha

  53. aaee says:

    what are those white shoes? looking good

  54. B.Wonder says:

    Props on including Big L ‘All Black’ for the 13th Witness portion of the video. Great Episode. Keep it up.

  55. luke says:


    what song at the end?

  56. Diggy says:

    maaaan thanks for that video Maestro…. such a good and happy vibe :)

    watching this makes me feel happy =)

  57. psignal says:

    man you know I really love what you’re doing, I kinda had a lot of issues with it for a while with the consumerism aspect, but I just kinda got an insight watching this again, consumerism has got a lot of bad press and I think for a lot of us brands like nike and stuff leave a bad taste of you know child labor and wotnot, but fukit feinding on a pair of kicks you’ve wanted for weeks and just got the cash together for is one of the nicest personal experiences I have, you know it talks to me about identity and joy, and what you do is bringing that back, I’ve seen a lot of skate videos done by nike 6.0 or whatever but I always felt it was them co-opting something I loved, but watching your material I get no sense of compromise, commercial pimpery or what have you, I just get that wonderful feeling of wanting something so bad, no matter what it be, and then getting it and valuing it all the more for the wait. to. me. that’s. dope.

  58. Edi says:

    this is so inspirational man keep doing your thang yowwwww boi

  59. Jstylz says:

    Bigs up maestro, your show is a constant reminder of the spirit of grinding and living your dreams. I almost gave up on my love of art and design and chose a normal 9 to 5 route. Big inspiration to me. Its time to start living. Love life, Live art

  60. kEvin says:

    What an inspirational episode! Great job maestro.
    Can someone please tell me all the songs? They just fit so well with the episode.

  61. Rob C says:

    lol your boy daichi has a very contagious laugh haha

  62. sofia says:

    i love you

  63. Fredrik says:

    nice episode. Whats the song at the ending? thx

  64. Sjoback says:

    Really good episode, I wanna know what ” Fredrik ” Above me wants to know :) Whats the name of the song in the ending? Please! I want to know!

    / THX

  65. reecemizelle says:

    Very good episode! Inspired me a lot!

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