Kerry Washington by Sarah Mccolgan

January 3, 2011   Posted by Levi Maestro

A few outtakes from my cover shoot with Kerry Washington for New York Moves.

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5 Comments to “Kerry Washington by Sarah Mccolgan”

  1. Insight says:

    KIlling it softly, she is.

  2. cpr360 says:

    How do you come up with these concepts? The pictures are so different, but the same theme. I am starting to see this in pictures that are taken as a collective, but how do you choose what to put into a magazine. You just have that eye for which things will be superb? It makes me wonder. Want to know more even. And try to take a couple pics myself.

  3. DanSince88 says:


    Sarah, great job! gets better every day!

  4. Sarah is taking names and numbers… straight killin IT!

  5. JessieADORE says:

    Best. Day. Ever!
    Keep killin.

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