“Infinity Piece” release HOUSTON!

January 5, 2011   Posted by Levi Maestro

I am really really happy I’m coming back to Houston. See you this Saturday!

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5 Comments to ““Infinity Piece” release HOUSTON!”

  1. raza says:

    Maaaan, I wish I could make it but I gotta be somewhere else that day. I hope you enjoy the city. Much love.

  2. cpr360 says:

    When are you coming to Sacramento?

  3. If you’re heading back to Houston make sure you call Bun B! I really want to cop the black piece. Did you already sell it online?

  4. Duckie says:

    im really really happy your coming back to houston tooo! lol


  5. priscilla says:

    say this watch on a website and realized the brand name said maestro knows. an i said maestro know, levi maestro , and i came back to your website and sure enough i see this blog post. pretty cool watch definitely on my gotta go buy list.

    i just found out about your blog about a week ago i think, so i don’t know to much about what you got out there.

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