I Love Being A Kid.

January 29, 2011   Posted by Levi Maestro

It’s like a misunderstood phenomenon on what people will & won’t accept in the eyes of being too young or not old enough. That seems like it should mean the same thing but it doesn’t. For me, I take pride in being young because I was already an old person by the time I turned 15. Not everyone however will experience YOU, they may get a glimpse or an extended idea, but few people in the world will really ever come to know who YOU really are. There’s people who call me an old soul, people that say I’m a kid, probably people that say I still need to grow up. Me….I’m perfectly confident & satisfied in who I am. There is so much room for me to grow, but growing and “growing up” are two different things in my book. I love smiling and trying to smile even more for all the things I’ve learned, earned, loved, and experienced.

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  2. you speak heavy sense, im pretty much forced to grow up right now too, but maestroknows brings me back to where i should be. Thanks for that man

  3. Niko says:

    Word up Levi,
    I think that a large cut of society associates “growing up” with the following:
    1. Becoming responsable for bringing in to being, all things in your life.
    2. Seriousness.
    3. A disconnection with your “child”, casting imagination aside as something that, “won’t work” or has no place in the “real world” ( haha, still chuckle saying it like that..)

    The way I see it, your essence is your imagination, your creativity, and your love, it’s always been who and what we are. I define growing up as the continuous alteration and expansion of the application of who you are out into and onto the world.
    Growing up is a kid who draws, that starts to paint, that spreads a message through his paintings to the world, that retires comfortably and now has the time to sit in the woods, drawing all day.
    Growing up is the little girl who bounced around to Run DMC, and then she learned to dance, and then she discovered she could act, now she makes movies.

    Growing up is, your vision expanded.

    Yeah!! there it go, I like that right there :)

    Thanks for the spark Levi, I’m taking my insight and placing it down like the brick of a dope dope foundation, thanks bro.

  4. Nick says:

    NO HOMO 😀

  5. Albi says:

    Aren’t we all kids?

  6. Maya Imani says:

    Powerful, insightful and inspiring. Everyday I’m reminded of the history there is to be made.

  7. psignal says:

    the time it takes for people to get to know the real you is very much up to you.

  8. Bjørn says:

    To be childish keeps you young, but to be treated like a child makes you old too soon….

  9. judith says:


  10. I feel you on this man… I try to avoid getting angry or upset at all times and just try to smile all the time. If you’re focused and determined, it can happen.

  11. dynamicproducer says:

    I’m the same way. I’ve been an old soul since before highschool and am still. But now I embrace my youth and realize that this is the time of my life. Kudos to you!

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