Herschel Village Bag Giveaway

January 18, 2011   Posted by Levi Maestro

I got this new Herschel “Village” bag the other day. Gonna give it away to the 100th comment on this post! Comments must consist of at least 3 words to count! GO!!!

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254 Comments to “Herschel Village Bag Giveaway”

  1. Katie says:

    This would be sweet for school

  2. Maor says:

    New Infiniti piece is sickk

  3. richiefisk says:

    So so so close

  4. mario gibson says:

    Maestro knows besttttt

  5. chris says:

    i really want this bag.

  6. mario gibson says:

    Maestro I like your infinty piece

  7. colin wise says:

    crazzzzyyyy bag, i kinda need it in my life

  8. jaybo says:

    Oh lovely. I want thisss!!

  9. Dennis Eng says:

    Is there already a winner?

  10. Phillip says:

    i missed it right? =\

  11. Gabe Godines says:

    Losing this one is not an option…

  12. C.M. Sanchez says:

    I want this! Came in 98th in your last give away.

  13. amber says:

    that’s a pretty rad bag.

  14. mario gibson says:

    May I have that bag please

  15. Kim says:

    That backpack is pretty sweet.

  16. Pim says:

    congratz to Alan Mildor!!

  17. Bozzay says:

    this back is dope, exclusive, and vicious

  18. mario gibson says:

    I want that bag

  19. BIgKRis says:

    Where can i buy this bagg???

  20. merv says:

    it is too late?

  21. jessica says:

    that bag is too fly for you

  22. JROD2020 says:


  23. James says:

    Herschel is killing it right now!

  24. aw man i really wanted this man… stupid time zones

  25. Can’t believe i missed out on this.. Had a chance to stay home cause of the Ice storm, but i need money for my new SLR i’m trying to buy.. That backpack is tough though

  26. Glenn G says:

    love the bag. want it!

  27. gregory j says:

    may i please have this bag? it’s dope

  28. Jelani says:

    way too nice.

  29. andrew says:

    i must have this bag!

  30. Riemer says:

    Must contain 3 words, well there you have it! 😀

  31. Jmledesma says:

    I’ve been eyeing this bag for months!!

  32. chex says:

    damn. came in late for this one :(. good looks on the giveaway though.

  33. Alias88 says:

    bro, hook it up

  34. mischa says:

    imma say this bag is so dope!

  35. adrianne says:

    Fly Los Angeles

  36. Bougie Crew jeahhhhhh boiii…

  37. LaronIzALoser says:

    too late, DAMNIT

  38. vee says:

    The bag is dope, and Levi Maestro is dope. Too bad I’m too late.:(

  39. Bryson says:

    That pack is DOPE!

  40. Daniel says:

    such a good rucksack would look good with my new sneaks!

  41. Alex Gomez says:

    I’m to late…

  42. The Word says:

    keep that circle of positivity going mang

  43. kimmeness says:

    Herschel is dope!! I love their duffel bag with the shoe compartment too :)

  44. Mathew says:

    Mmmmh I could use a new backpack !

  45. id love one of these so dope!

  46. angel says:

    that bag is supa fresh!!

  47. MarcKncklhd says:

    damn i can’t believe i slept on tryna get this

  48. aho says:

    so who got the bag?

    love the video by the way.

  49. jason says:

    I can see it on my back right now

  50. Marlo says:

    This is DOPE!

  51. awww man too bad i missed out on this… Ever since you posted the last post about Herschel, I’ve been wanting to cop a bag from them. Oh well, till next time.

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