Episode 8 (Virginia Beach)

January 12, 2011   Posted by Levi Maestro


Old school ghetto crunkness. Maestro Knows.

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  2. Mr.Walker says:

    maybe half white half asain, none the less shes hott!
    meastro filmin lines in the jordans!


  3. eurotrash says:

    name of the song at the end? period.

  4. M3L0 says:

    fun episode as always. whats the name of the song at the end ?

  5. clackers says:

    Back nose was peachy!!

  6. mr.FEATHERSTON says:

    dude it kills me how u skate in retro jordans.lol

    Ay you should try and get Antwaun Dixon on the show…that fool craz,it would definetly be dope.

  7. jason k says:

    yo what shirt is maestro rocking at the end. that grey shirt that says freedom?

  8. SSTHREW says:

    we need more videos of greg and his shorts! great video as always

  9. trying to connect. get jersey on the visuals and get my reel to reel done. peace kid

  10. Jesse says:

    INOJ – I Want To Be Your Lady Baby

  11. k3vinnnn says:

    Again one of my favorite episodes. Big ups for the asian cutie. haha

  12. jeffrey says:

    Yo maestro, when’s the next season mixtape coming out? Need it. Nice I’s at the end, you convinced me to get a pair

  13. Jones says:

    really good episode!
    nee more of the LA stuff?
    by the way what happened to mj ?

  14. blizzy030 says:

    nice one again……..

  15. diego says:

    that girl was cute

  16. F@tKiD says:

    Shirt he is rockin at the end is courtesy of Commonwealth. I linked the site for your viewing enjoyment

  17. Jaycleezy says:

    Dang man i miss freakin VA definately would of been sweet to have been there, but im stuck in college keep doin ya thing man enjoyin all the videos lol

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