Episode 7 (South Africa)

January 12, 2011   Posted by Levi Maestro



“You know who we are, cause WE EATIN’ ALL OVER THE WORLD”.  Maestro Knows.

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39 Comments to “Episode 7 (South Africa)”

  1. dope shit. very good episode, You don’t know how blessed you are to even be in the place we all call home. http://preferredclassics.com knows Maestro!

  2. but i think you do! peace kid

  3. bigwill says:

    well done! this is my favorite of the series so far.

  4. antoine says:

    easily my favorite episode of maestro knows, keep it up man.

  5. Ape_shi*t says:

    great vid dope that you went to africa

  6. Niko says:

    Wonderful episode!

    Thank you really much. I really enjoy watching your “short-culture-jumps” and your perspective.

  7. mikey fresh says:

    yo we got those nandos everywhere in australia. they are dope as. you can also buy all their sauces in our supermarkets. gotta get down under one day and try for yourself. you would love it.

  8. miss_n_maui says:

    The cultural/humanitarian aspects were refreshing. Keep pushin the envelope & expanding your repertoire.

  9. tysstyle says:

    Maestro, maestro, maestro, that was pure raw emotion in this episode man. I’ve been to South Africa (4 years ago) and man even with the few moments of film you brought me back to the reality of how our lives are even with bad economy. Thank you! -tys

  10. CDAJR says:


    the best one ever!

    i have no idea how you are gonna top this

  11. maestro knows waaaaawaaaweeeewaaaaa! I like how you did the scenery with the narration real dope. it just keeps topping itself cant wait to see what you get into next. RESPECT!!!!

  12. Maestro, this is probably the dopest out of all of your videos. When are you going to hit up Australia man?? You’ll def dig it here dude. (We got Nando’s all over the place herre son lol.)

  13. blizzy030 says:

    thank u thank u
    for this great episode, this is the best episode
    ever, the off speakin very very nice
    and the dancers omg
    so i must say it again thank u thank u
    for this;-)

  14. chicco says:

    that’s your masterpiece

  15. Vee Urbanite says:

    Good to see you visit the mother land

  16. tim lindacher says:

    yo maestro the episode is dope. i think until now thats the best from season 2!
    love your “double screen” technique. all together your editing technics are awsome!

  17. tim lindacher says:

    love from germany.

  18. 23 says:

    Maestro, wow, just wow

    the best one yet – it had everything, great music, emotion, food, culture – i could go on but you know it already. You need to get yourself over to london!

    There’s one thing i hate about this site though, and thats how you keep us waiting for new episodes

    keep up the good work – peace

  19. jft says:

    this installment had to have been one of my favorites. one of the best. can’t wait for the next epi.

    NANDO’S! they’re everywhere in B.C.

  20. rob-O says:

    ant’s version of “right here waiting” is killing me (peace to bj on the background), that shits going on the “get the drawls mixtape”…good job maestro!!!

  21. Erica in DC says:

    your monolouge was so inspirational and those images of africa were inspiring and breathtaking. My fav!

  22. Erica in DC says:

    i dont know what you call what you do, but your my favorite journalist and my inspiration.
    your my role model maestro.

  23. esthete says:

    yo, ive got a Nando’s a block from me here in Vancouver. Good shit!

  24. Fresh Like Will says:

    We have Nando’s here in Canada (I’m in B.C.). They’ve got good food.

  25. dude says:

    Awesome episode ! although i’ve got to say that beeing in afrika and eating at a fast food chain is probably the american way ! (dont get me wrong i love the staates) … you can’t say you had african food when you were eating some fast food shit … no mattter wich sauce… anyway ! the episode was dope ! and you said some good stuff …

    keep up the good work …

  26. CityBoyRadio says:

    Every episode you do someone always says “This was your best one..”. Yo, I say your best is yet to come. Great body of work homie. Keep it up!

  27. Zailler says:

    I really enjoyed this episode.. that’s all I need to say. But Maestro i’ll tell you something that you don’t know pshhh don’t tell anyone! IT’S POPPIN IN THE TDOT! where you at?

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  29. Rokon says:

    Man that was deep…

  30. Larisa says:

    I wish I could meet you and see what goes on in your mind! I love the images you portray in each of your videos, it’s something more and unique.

    what are you filming with??

    Keep eating, esp. IN-N-OUT

  31. Chad Papa says:

    whats the song anthony sings in the end?

  32. felicia says:

    This was a really humbling episode. kudos to you..for real

  33. Danica says:

    Im a new viewer, but Im absolutely in love with these videos!! I think youre is a beautiful person inside and out! Youre constantly smiling! I love it! Thank you for showing me things I never thought Id get to!! Keep em comin love! Much love from sunny san diego baby!!..xoxox

  34. Ken says:


  35. josh says:

    there is a nando’s in ottawa ontario!!!

  36. Flo says:

    After watching this, I`m in a good mood.
    Thank you!

  37. Alfred says:

    yo Maestro your words and video really captured how I feel. It’s beautiful man. Keep doing your thing

  38. Haco says:

    Everything you do maestro is amazing. You inspire the uninspired and it makes the world a better place. Keep living it up man.

  39. Michael says:

    This was Amazing, I wish he went to West Africa. He just gave me inspiration to film my travels

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