Episode 7 (San Francisco)

January 12, 2011   Posted by Levi Maestro

Maestro takes a trip to San Francisco with MJ and meet up with Mega. Follow them to Huf, Fisherman’s Wharf, through Union Square and across the Bay bridge.

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10 Comments to “Episode 7 (San Francisco)”

  1. WesloDJ says:

    Hello! Straight out of Holland, crazy motherfucker… Nahhh just kiddin’!
    Maestro & MJ, keep it up! Those Vlogs (that’s what it is right?) are entertainment! Homie see you later!

  2. exclamation says:

    cool, these vids progressively makes me wanna move to LA man, just wondering wats that song at 2.17+

    keep up the good work!

  3. Majig says:

    it’s the 93 till infinity instrumental, by souls of mischief.

  4. SiMoN3 says:

    Maestro which is the colour of the flywire of the Hyperdunk’s? White or red?

  5. LG111 says:

    This is one of the coolest things I’ve ever seen someone do. I wanna meet you dude, you’re fuckin dope.

  6. FastMoney says:

    hey wats the song playin at 2:20 when they start to talk about harlet san fran and plays throughout tha rest of the video?

  7. clackers says:

    93 til infinity dude! souls of mischief!! get to know! and damn this is inspiring!

  8. tamarcus says:

    whats good? what type of cam is that Maestro

  9. Raaachem says:

    homie in my homeeeee!!!!!!!

  10. sketch91 says:

    soulsssssss intrumental. repsect i love them and i love this ep

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