Episode 5 (Hawaiian Vacation)

January 12, 2011   Posted by Levi Maestro

“I used to listen to the Beach Boys sing about this place”. Maestro Knows.

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8 Comments to “Episode 5 (Hawaiian Vacation)”

  1. James A says:

    I am a big fan of you and your work, and watched nearly every one of your episodes. Yet, I never felt the need or urge to leave a comment. But now after hearing you’ll be writing for HuffingtonPost, and especially after watching this most current episode of Maestro Knows, I now find myself having left 2 comments in one day. What is it about today, or better yet about you and your work, that is making me feel compelled to comment? I guess it’s just inspiration. You are truly inspiring.

    And this Hawaii episode was your best work yet. I felt such a rush of emotions just watching this and listening to your insights on life. Needless to say, you have truly inspired and motivated this 30-something year old.

    Keep the realness going..

  2. rAND says:

    The ending to this episode was BRILLANT….

  3. Ben says:

    dope stuff as usual man u have a great life u are my inspiration much love ben

  4. Renee Ayy! says:

    The greatest thing about your videos is you always make me feel like i’m at these places with you.Thank you.

  5. Wesley says:

    This is crazy man. This was the first episode I watched of Maestro Knows and ever since then I been hooked.

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  7. Pim says:

    Levi, I know you probably don’t even get to read this, but it feels good!
    I’ve been with you since the first hypebeast times, and you’ve been great inspiration ON THE DAILY!
    In two hours my final exams (highschool) start, and before going there i just watch this episode, set my mind at ease.
    Thanks a lot for everything you do!

  8. Meg says:

    Come back to Oahu please!

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