Episode 3 (Ibn Jasper)

January 12, 2011   Posted by Levi Maestro

This is no dramatization. Maestro Knows.

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  1. this is umm so obstainable i guess in a way and wat and were i am in life and i understand were he is coming from which makes this video or almost biography in a way DOPE which i like .

  2. Dice says:


  3. tyson faa says:

    Sick!! thank you for posting on Christmas eve. Merry Christmas! -tys

  4. thehoodnerd says:

    Great Episode! I have to get more familiar with past episodes…. that was dope!

  5. Loni says:

    Everything Ibn said hit home for me. Consistently inspired. Great episode!

  6. jamel says:

    yo maestro ur videos are the shit lol mybe u can come check out queens in ny see how us skaters came up and tell nigel i sed wats up i used to skate with him when he was down with get broke
    keep up the gud shut ur blog is wat keeps me and my bros on point

  7. jaels says:

    I’ve had a feeling that you would make an episode with Ibn someday lol.

    DOPE as always.

  8. cklitsie says:

    Sweet episode.. Ibn Jasper is a guy I’ve always wanted to hear and see more of/about. Happy Hanukkah..!

  9. Omar says:

    The best holiday gift you could give us….THANKS MAESTRO!

  10. brick says:

    Merry Christmas Maestro!

    Great episode, Chicago is one of our favorite cities out there. We try and keep it to the summer months…ha!

  11. kimbo says:

    anybody know what kind of shoes he was wearing at 52 sec?
    dope vid btw

  12. Hart says:

    “Oh shit!” haha that was awesome.
    I keep watching the intro over and over again just to hear that 9th Wonder beat–hope that will be on the next mixtape.
    Your shirts gonna be available online Maestro? Definitely wanna support.

  13. rAND says:

    So Ibn is the dude that has put the crazy (in a good way) designs in Kanye head (haircuts)

  14. Cameron says:

    Hey just wanted to say congrats on your feature on kanye’s blog. Also this episode was awesome. I actually got to meet Ibn very briefly a few weeks ago. He came out on the floor after the cudi concert here in portland, and only me and like one other dude came over to say wassup. He’s dope cuz he’s more behinds the scenes influentially and doesn’t have to live with rushing fans.

  15. KidKid My Name on every wanted poster says:

    IBN been dat dude not just in the chi either. he jetsetter. Maestro does know

  16. 2chilled says:

    It will always be the little things that matter the most.

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  18. james says:

    man what song was that that started playing at 3:30

  19. thekid10705 says:

    Well Done Son! Congrats on the look Kanye gave you on this episode on his blog… Can’t wait to see what 2010 brings to us via you. NO HOMO!

  20. jraza says:

    Dope Dope Dope

    damn… those shoes :O I gotta have them 😛

    anybody know what brand they are?

    maestro = fresh

  21. Jae de says:

    Love the shoes in The IBN Jasper clip what Brand is It..

  22. nenien says:

    I love your videos, it’s inspering to see such creative souls chasing their goal in life. It opens up your eyes, and makes me wanna work harder to accomplish my dreams. I can relate to you talking about the traveling your doing right now. A dream i wish to realize some day. Right now there to much boundries holding me back. But looking at your accomplishment, it gives butterflies of excitment. And hope that i to am strong enough to live my dreams. So a big thank you for that…

    Keep up the good work. Keep educating yourself and keep inspiring other people….

  23. teflon says:

    the song at 3:30 is the food by common ft kanye west
    what’s the first song in the video? (not the intro song)

  24. connor says:

    what is the song at the very start?

  25. tomalndn says:

    Shit that dude at the start skating looks ALOT like the London grime rapper giggs!!

  26. tea c says:

    wow, ibn is an inspiration as well as yourself, thank you..

  27. koefee says:

    2pac, “Hit Em Up” playing in the beginning after the intro.
    I’m walking up and down Fifth Ave learning everything myself. Couple years and I’ll be there mentally too Jasper. Maestro, I called the cops, you’re killing it right now =)

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