Episode 2 (Anthony Hamilton)

January 12, 2011   Posted by Levi Maestro

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11 Comments to “Episode 2 (Anthony Hamilton)”

  1. Martin says:

    OMG please tell me the name of the last song, I can’t get it out of my head!! much love from Denmark :)

  2. Carlos says:

    Did yall get those burgers animal style?? It’s the only way!

  3. MC says:

    bump n grind – r.kelly
    rodeo – juvenile

  4. Javick says:

    Na there’s nothing like an “In and Out” burger and i live in NJ…Going back to cali just for a burger!

  5. Navi says:

    good news in and out IS in New York! lol Fordham in the bronx. Maestro come fly out and show NY love!

  6. matt says:

    luck ass u get to chill with mr.am he can sing his ass off

  7. K says:

    Lol these fools are blazed as hell


    My favorite episode. GHETTO BURGER HEAVEN BAABAYY!!

  9. Cyril says:

    I’ve been wondering what beat anthony was singing over when he covered bump and grind. that’s not a dilla beat is it?

  10. felicia says:

    looooooove erykah badu – bag lady. always the jam

    and when I saw the title I thought…anthony hamilton? the singer? YES

  11. kayte grace says:

    anthony hamilton is genius – his voice has sandpaper and stories in it. he could come out with a record just messing around in the car and i’d buy it 😛 great episode – what do you use to edit your videos?

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