Episode 10 (The Dream Team)

January 12, 2011   Posted by Levi Maestro


Word UP.  Maestro Knows.

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60 Comments to “Episode 10 (The Dream Team)”

  1. tim lindacher says:

    I love it.

  2. max powers says:

    great! i hope you film already season 3 … can’t wait 😀

  3. dude says:

    awesome first comment ! check your site 20times a day !

  4. carey says:

    so great and so inspiring. your best one so far.

  5. iaaioo says:

    Awesome!!!!! Keep doing this Maestro! Coming to Argentina?

  6. dude says:

    man GREAT Episode… the reason people always say “best episode ever” is beacause your gettin better every time …
    Love that you appriciate all the stuff that comes across your way! fish market looked amazing…

    cant wait for the next one!
    best wishes from germany

  7. George says:

    so inspiring man, thank you.

  8. PKAY says:

    great man, just great!!!!!!!

  9. dope finale…thanks for the words of wisdom they are truly inspiring.

  10. dweb says:

    maestro this is your most inspiring episode yet! im sure season 3 is going to be type amazing!! does anybody know the name of the violins in the background? they really add to the feel of this one

  11. Jean Gonzales says:

    Whoa Levi! Loving the new style with the directors comments. More from that. Lot’s of emotion in this video!


  12. marcus says:

    ive been waiting for a new episode all week! great video as usual, and tokyo looks dope the second time!

  13. peter says:

    great , 6:06 Montréal yeah

  14. tysstyle says:

    Wow, awesome – I can’t wait to travel back to Asia. Makes me miss it so much! -tys

  15. Mr. Purple says:

    Yo that was awesome!!… I can def see the growth in this Episode. Your last words were very inspirational

  16. Ryan says:

    Maestro im loving the documentary type video great great things coming from you

  17. Jamie says:

    What kind of headphones are those??

  18. Joseph says:

    Great words of wisdom… Great episode man. Keep it going!!

  19. Danica says:

    once again..beautiful! Move back to Carlsbad!!

  20. LG says:

    I love these videos, but can someone tell me who maestro is? Like who is this random dude who knows all these famous people and goes on sick trips? I’m not hating at all, i’m just curious like what does this guy actually do for a living?

  21. ofigennoe.ru says:

    What’s another word for “thesaurus”?

  22. THE BEST so far..keep it up!

  23. PhazzeOne says:

    ofigennoe.ru, on October 9th, 2009 at 12:08 am Said:
    What’s another word for “thesaurus”?



    Maestro.. Dope, eye opening episode!
    I like how the last couple of episodes have been more of you analyzing and embracing the cultures and sharing what you’re analyzing with your viewers.

    DOPE homie!!

  24. sam callis says:

    How do u become more inspiring every time you make 1 of these…
    Ur a part of tha dream team. keep doing wat u do coz u do it so wel.
    Oh wen u coming to london home’s????!

  25. Tony Macferson says:

    What’s up Maestro! Thank you. I’m watching all episodes, and charging my inspiration. With love from Russia! =))
    Don’t stop, do it again and again!

  26. yashweb says:

    man, this episode was just awesome!
    and the your words at the end… pure wisdom!!

    those headphones are the beats by dr dre and monster. really dope headphones!

  27. Andy from sweden says:

    WOW!! this episode was not only great(!), it was beautiful and super inspiring. hope you come to malmö, sweden to film! there is a great skatepark in västra hamnen you would love…

  28. Bruno says:

    Man u are the best, your videos are so dope and inspiring, im already dying for the next season!!

    Much love from Portugal.

    btw, u got to visit Portugal!!

  29. TheRealDizzy - PS3tag - says:

    Maestro. Aws-mazing !

  30. what song is that kanye song in the beginning?

  31. bombayhustle says:

    many people have great ideas and thoughts. but only a few have the vocabulary to be able to express them honestly – through words, film, or any other art form. maestro’s definitely one of the few. this is a great end to a solid season. congratulations.

  32. Jeremy says:

    Thanks for the episode and for the wise words, Levi. :)

  33. Mikey says:


  34. Yves says:

    yo MAESTRO what type of headphones r those u rockin.?…MAD ILL

  35. jovahn says:

    man you need a reality show…

  36. jovahn says:

    & thanks for the episode

  37. sleepy child says:

    Meastro your a breathe of fresh air ! God bless and stay true.

  38. Lucas says:

    It’s a different kind of episode than I’m used to, but I like it! Keep the good work up.

  39. leoski8 says:

    thanks for posting your videos,they really inspire me to go for it and one day im gonna become skateboard designer and reach my dreams,thanks maestro

  40. This so so inspiration maestro it was overwhelming if that make sense maestro ur getting better i check ed forr a episode everyday it was well worth the way thanks maestro

  41. k says:

    wow, this is finally the best episode i’ve seen!
    how’s that song called, just love it, want to listen to it all the time, man.

  42. neelo says:

    what song is that in the beginning of the video

  43. E says:

    The intro song is Hate – Jay-Z (ft. Kanye West). It’s on the Blueprint III.

  44. Jon says:

    That was a BREATH of FRESH AIR I needed that. the saying at the end stuck with me thanks!!!!

  45. jason mc says:

    the song with the violins is The String Quartet covers “Smile Like You Mean It” here is a link…


    the string quartet has so many amazing covers, everyone should check them out.

  46. LL Cool J says:

    What is that song that opens up this episode? Right before he starts singing the song “Hater” by Jay-Z.

  47. Leighton ? says:

    This makes me proud to be a skater .

  48. Twain Dizzle says:

    By far my favorite episode!!!

  49. Iggy Flavour says:

    Love the different approach on this one. Made it special. Deeeeeeeeeeeeep. When you gonna come down to Australia Maestro?

  50. Christian Newell says:

    Dude ur a big influence to me, i can only dream of doin the things u do, come to london man

  51. thekid10705 says:

    Dope kid, truly Dope!!

    Live from Yonkers, NYC !

  52. linden2239 says:

    does anyone know who makes the Strings arrangement of that Killers Song “Smile Like you Mean it” thats in the background of this episode? so killer…

  53. Bloo says:

    What kind of headphonse are they?

  54. Levi V says:

    Monster makes them, the’re called beats by dr.dre

  55. minimirza says:

    Real talk.. come hit us up in London sir!

  56. cc says:

    ha i just rewatched this couple days ago!

  57. cpr360 says:

    That music keeps me so attentive. Goes straight for the soul and it so beautiful. I have to get some classical music in my ipod.

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