Episode 1 (Bread & Butter)

January 12, 2011   Posted by Levi Maestro


And now I present…..Season 2!!!!  Maestro Knows.

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23 Comments to “Episode 1 (Bread & Butter)”

  1. whooooo! 1:30 am just got a twitter for season 2 and watched the first ep. of maestro knows season 2. I am really excited and was not disappointed. Great opening for season 2 maestro. keep em coming. soo gyucky!

  2. Sizzle says:

    What is the intro song shit is crazy!!

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  4. Nelson says:

    hey man, your vids are ill but i’ve been wondering how you come up with the cash to travel the globe like this
    anyway, props and keep pushing

  5. Mite says:

    ayo masetro, what kind of camera do u use?

  6. tysstyle says:

    oh my! I don’t know what I was doing when I went to Berlin… but it didn’t look anything like that. How can you top an episode like that? -tys

  7. Al Roy says:

    yeaaaah =)…Guten Tag xD
    the german support was really nice
    you should visit Hamburg..the city is really dope

    greez from germany…tschüss;)

  8. Blizzy030 says:

    My City Berlin and five min. from my home;-)
    Nice episode!!!

  9. MV says:

    Finally back! Man your series is money! Love Berlin, but never benn to Bread & Butter before.. Keep up the good life work, can’t actually see myself waiting for a whole week for your next episode, so give me a page if you want to preview it to anyone :) Ciao!

  10. MikeSal says:

    Yo Maestro what song is that on your intro?

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  12. philipito says:

    could you please take a foto of the cam you´re shootin with, i like to know how u make the fisheye effekt…

  13. Lukey F Babey says:

    This is my favorite episode by far… keep doing your thing bro, you inspire me alot

  14. Jimi says:

    Just keeps getting better, great opener for season 2. Next stop, Japan? …got shows in different country codes..

  15. Siby says:

    yeah man berlin is awesome! hamburg or frankfurt are the great too.
    greetings from germany

  16. Pedro says:

    Song: Nothing to worry about _ Peter Bjorn & John

  17. LittleOne says:

    did we find out what camera Maestro uses?

  18. Khirrill says:

    Halo, Gutentag! I’m not german. LOLOL it’s funnyyy 😀 i love this video, in 20. i will go there (berlin). check my blog: http://www.botsbybots.blogspot.com/

  19. Cue says:

    your friend that you had lunch with is beautiful

  20. nick katherina says:


    “we had to wait for a 7 series, cause maestro is a diva and won’t ride in a 5 series”

    hahahaha, I love this episode… so much culture.

  21. Nikolaj says:

    what the fuck!! i stayed in the EXACT same room when i was in Berlin last time! omg that’s sick:b!

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