Episode 1 – 9th Wonder

January 12, 2011   Posted by Levi Maestro

“I’m always going for new frontiers”…9th Wonder.  Maestro Knows.

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43 Comments to “Episode 1 – 9th Wonder”

  1. Maces says:

    Yo i love 9th wonder. there are only few producers that are at his level like dilla, pete rock and kanye
    great new episode :)

  2. PKAY says:

    you did it again, one of the best yet.


  4. dellboy says:


  5. Mikko says:

    Damn Maestro, 9th my favourite producer, love it! Thaks a lot!

  6. Jimmy Fuentes says:

    *goes and buys an mpc*

  7. pretty cool stuff inspired to be yur own style but not influenced but i liked it

  8. Joose says:

    9TH WONDER WHATS GOOD. damn Maestro, doing big things now

  9. will says:

    beyond amazing….. truly legendary!!!!!!!

  10. Kimlin says:

    yo man dope episode..come back to LA

  11. Zian says:

    Dope. I love being able to use my eyes for the process of mental and intellectual stimulation.

  12. JoeCritt says:

    Dame Tuesday, Caught me off guard with the new video..Lovin the new intro man..Keep it up

  13. tyson faa says:

    wow. another amazing episode. Thank you!

  14. Ccoulson says:

    9th Wonder always goes hard…his beats consistantly seem to reflect the rhythm of today’s world, driven by the sounds of yesterday.

  15. Julian says:

    ILL Again. Just made my week. 9th wonder is a genius, that Little Brother track is Hot!

  16. TRIX says:

    Yessireh. Back to basics bayyybeeeh! In the words of BJ…”Yaaah!” lol.

  17. carlosIsBoss says:

    yes!! beautiful

  18. JRameau says:

    Nice, 9th is awesome, that was high school for me, I had the “Listening” on repeat. any project he throws himself into is always so money from Jean Grae, Luda, Wale, Buckshot, Cesar Commanche, list goes on….

  19. lepito 33 says:

    speechless….MAESTRO u are the TRUTH…9th WONDER is da bestest….nice EP

  20. Hart says:

    Maestro! You were right down the road from me bruh. I’m in Chapel Hill, haha I know the tornado warning you were talking about–rain was nuts. Thanks for coming to NC and shedding some more light one one of the greatest producers there is. Come back when the weather is legit!

  21. Hart says:

    ^JRameau: Hell yes. I still have The Listening on repeat.

  22. JMack says:

    That beat is so hot it makes me hate my life….

  23. Nick says:

    Yo whats the BEAT that’s playing the the background of this video.
    That shit is mad chillin, where is it from? and whats it called?

  24. Mr. Andre says:


    I’m feelin’ you.

    9TH WONDER!!!

    I’m feelin’ you.

    Do It.

  25. JRameau says:

    @Nick the beat is Little Brother Featuring Kanye – I See Now (obviously produced by the man in the vid, 9th)

  26. Dice says:

    Just keeps gettin better and better !
    “I see now” Little brother ft. Kanye is the song in the background

  27. Drew says:

    Yeah man what is the background beat?

  28. FFFFFFFFF says:

    thankss maestro, enjoying this shit!!!

  29. K-ROCKS says:

    im diggin this, straight inspiration….keep-em coming maestro!
    does anyone know the name to the last beat that was played on the video?

  30. Amani1977 says:


  31. EscobarSantiago says:

    Yo Maestro? You gonna be at Suru tomorrow?

  32. P-souL says:

    Maestro you dope with the cam MAN! hope to collab someday. i aspire to make beats! BIG influence is 9th wondra himself! so thanks for this video man. i also DEFINITELY HOPE! to collab with that bruvah someday. AND WHERE CAN I LOOK FOR INFO FOR THAT CLASS!? I’m INTERESTED!

  33. Nick says:

    THANKS FOR ME TELLIN THAT BEAT! now that I know its little brother, i remember hearin that shit haha thanks

  34. ASOMone says:

    damn 9th wonder is a beast. Definitely one of my fav producers. Thanks Maestro all the way from New Zealand.

  35. SLBT says:

    i still have know idea on what the other season intro music was . those beats were FLY . but this one was mad hella sick bruh !!

  36. Larsson says:

    great. just great. merry christmas.

  37. Nico says:

    What Tyler Woods song is 9th Playing????

  38. randy says:

    hey does anyone know how 9th wonder had the rotating albums covers for his background for his comp?

  39. Thanks for making this known

  40. JoFetti says:

    I’m in that class at Duke =)
    He is amazing!

  41. dynamicproducer says:

    9th Wonder sets the par. I’m glad there’s still great producers like him.

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