Devlin’s Update – “The Duo”

January 11, 2011   Posted by Levi Maestro

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6 Comments to “Devlin’s Update – “The Duo””

  1. Eddie says:

    I really love how Devlin knows about real hip-hop.. Unlike so many of us young people (I’m 15), I can relate to Devlin in that I also appreciate Eric B & Rakim or Madvillian, rather than Ke$ha or other wack pop musicians that have seen radio success. Music just isn’t what it used to be…at least on the surface.

  2. cpr360 says:

    Yeah. On the underground is where the real music is at.

  3. cpr360 says:

    To anyone who will read: Please, if you have not yet listened to Blu & Exile’s BELOW THE HEAVENS, please give it a listen. Or anything that has to do with Blu or Exile for that matter. Great Rapper, great dj both from Cali. Trust me they are great.

  4. Young man, you have done your homework growing up… I think that speaks volume of your personality… speaking from the heart and appreciating the first to do it. Nice

  5. C.M. Sanchez says:

    Actually Eric B didn’t really produce any of those tracks Large Professor did. Eric B was a bully back in the day. The Suge Knight of his time. He would buy and punk people for their tracks and then take credit for them. Look it up. Its true. Rakim actually did the scratching on the recordings. Eric B did do the scratch live. If that means anything. If Eric B is president then hes president Gorge W. Bush. Lol!

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