Devlin’s Update – “AJ1”

January 8, 2011   Posted by Levi Maestro

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  1. cpr360 says:

    Something about jordan’s in general. It is like a different category of sneaker. You got your tennis, running, basketball, etc. Jordan’s just fit anywhere. To be worn for style or to hoop in and the colors, they will always have some color match up you like. They are still the most wanted sneakers out there. And they always reinvent big time for the next shoe in the line. The only thing I do not like about jordans is that they are so over wanted, too hyped, and people can literally be put in to the “cool” crowd just for wearing them. Just because it is an expensive shoe. I like jordans but if that is mostly what you wear you are not a very creative person to me. Also there is one thing they lack and that is class you cant wear those to a nice restaurant.

  2. Yup! AJ1 will always be my favorite! I think the 1’s are the reason why I fell in love with Nike SB Dunks…. I don’t like too many jordans either but the 1’s, 11’s, and 3’s are my favorite.

  3. Tony says:

    I’m 17, and I can only wish to have been around when Air Jordans were first introduced to the world.

    The Air Jordan I, a definite classic indeed. I’ve stopped buying Jordans as much as I used to, but there are some pairs that I still need to obtain at one point or another, this pair is one of them. (along with a pair that I once owned but had to sell, 1999 white/cement IV’s, Concord XI’s, and some black/infrared VI’s from 2000)

    I realized that you can’t wear sneakers all your life, but the pairs I mentioned above, I just need to have.

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