January 10, 2011   Posted by Levi Maestro

“Hi Maestro,

Just saw your tweet and thought Id show you some of my work. Im a graphic designer from Colombo, Sri Lanka. Like you, Skateboarding and its culture has always been a big part of me, but Ive always been an outsider to it coz I didnt have the opportunity to skate coz skateboards are not available here. I’ve always yearned to be a part of it, but never had the opportunity so I decided to make an opportunity.

You have been a big inspiration to me, and have proved that its possible to do what you love. So I emailed a bunch of Skate brands and shops and asked to exchange my design services in exchange for Skateboards, i got a few replies and it really showed be how much the skateboarding community cares.

Please do checkout some of my other work If u have the time at: , I think you’ll find some illustrations of someone who’s been an inspiration to the both of us and led me to watch your first episode when it came out (Air Yeezy) – Mr West.

Again Maestro, Thank you for the inspiration, you have been a big force in my life, thank you for the positivity. More power to you bro!

Much Love,

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  2. cpr360 says:

    Real Nice Jay. Do you do album covers?

  3. Jay says:


    First off, thanks Maestro, I really appreciate the feature! Thank you!

    cpr360, yeeeup! hit me up at!


  4. Some pretty dope work! Love to see the same passion and desire that I have, burning in someone else.

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