Yue Wu & Fafi direct Carte Blanche.

December 6, 2010   Posted by Levi Maestro

BOOM BOOM BAM!!! My homie Yue just finished up this new video for Carte Blanche feat. Kid Sister. If you haven’t seen any of Yue’s work before, just go to the search box at the top of the page and type in his name!

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9 Comments to “Yue Wu & Fafi direct Carte Blanche.”

  1. ! Brilliant Mind says:

    What’s the info of this person that did this video?

  2. Chuckfootclan says:

    soooo dope

  3. Jn McHarrie says:

    this video is mega.

  4. iaaioo says:


  5. Lawrence says:

    Wow, that was fresh. Yue killed it! Reminded me of an old McGhee & Me cartoon. Good to see Kid Sis doing her thing.


  6. cpr360 says:

    Yea that sound like it is going to be on the radio soon! I like the visuals, the scenery and that moving cartoon are really koo.

  7. John says:

    damn, she did an excellent job there.

  8. damn that was unique and fresh! i see the cool cats logo! Yue bringing new ideas to the game.

  9. dynamicproducer says:

    Dang this video is so sick! Props to the person that made it!

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