Question 11

December 10, 2010   Posted by Levi Maestro

Do you believe that there is an overindulgence in the Western world, where people are mostly driven by their desires and not their needs, because of how the media advertises? If yes, then do you think that this is right?

Submitted by Kimberly. Dec 10, 2010

Forget just the Western world, the ENTIRE world is mostly driven by overindulgence. Granted there are areas of the world that suffer from this more severely than others but most places always have your well-off & not so well-off groups. Another word for this is consumerism. We as human beings must consume things, however rarely do we need to consume as much as we do. This is why you have sections and associations of people all around the world that are trying to promote “go green” and raise awareness for numerous different issues & problems.

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