NBP – “Domino’s in France”

December 16, 2010   Posted by Levi Maestro

My site always looks better when my homie Mathieu‘s photos appear.

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7 Comments to “NBP – “Domino’s in France””

  1. iaaioo says:

    Looks great! No i want to eat pizzaaa

  2. max tarkhov says:

    aww dude, the pics are so delicious.. i have to eat something now!

  3. cpr360 says:

    It is amazing how something that seems so familiar, something that can make you feel at home is so different from what we know here. Brilliant.

  4. Jamjambiglow says:

    Im officially EXTRA hungry now. Thanks Maestro

  5. OsmiNunez says:

    Just Officially ordered domino’s…

  6. Funny how the smallest things just looks better from another country. These images bring warmth….

  7. Paul says:

    Seriously… I just smelled the pizza!! So good!

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