My life.

December 4, 2010   Posted by Levi Maestro

When I look at this photo it makes me immediately reflect on everything that has taken place in the past few years. I’ve undergone such an amazing journey mostly “professionally” since about 2006. I’ve met a lot of really great people, I’ve met a lot of really wack people, accomplished a lot of goals, traveled a lot of places, made a lot of mistakes, brought a few people tears, brought myself even more. I’ve opted a journey & path that has and will continue to change my life and some others lives as well. There’s no congratulations for this, no you “deserve” it Maestro, none of that because the truth is I don’t. I’m an absolute imperfect human being and I do my best to realize that each and every day so that tomorrow I can do better than I ever have before.

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  1. chris says:

    well, you might be, as well as every other person on this planet an imperfect human being. and you might have brought tears a few people. but with all the tears you see and experience you don’t experience the smiles you put on people watching your show, listening your words and reading your texts! THANK YOU SIR for sharing your drive to succeed. THANK YOU SIR for doing what you do. THANK YOU SIR for MAESTRO KNOWS. GOD BLESS YOU.

  2. Yin says:

    Thank you Maestro.

  3. Illy says:

    Only a truly modest and intelligent person can reflect on themselves and their accomplishments, as well as their faults. All one can ever do is strive to be better. To know yourself is true wisdom. Cheers to that.

  4. cpr360 says:

    Clap for him.

  5. max tarkhov says:

    thank you for posting this, and inspiring more people!

  6. carmen garcia says:

    You are an inspiration, and everyone is imperfect. But you do a great good of making it look easy. You love what you do and i think that’s what makes you push harder. You are amazing. I love your work. Keep it up.

  7. Mr. Andre says:

    Nonetheless Maestro, you are one of the truest human beings.


  8. K_U says:

    Frsh work so far man, but all jokes aside I still can’t figure out what it is exactly that you do – are you a videographer?

  9. Lunar says:

    There may not be a congratulations as such but there’s the people like us, commenting on and reading/watching your posts and videos, the people you have inspired to be themselves and follow what it is they want to do! Keep at it Maestro!

  10. Nikomyo says:

    Humans are God, God is manifest in a life lived like yours, in the progression of your life in 2006 > 2011, thats GOD my friend, the same infinite that is in ever moment of pure joy, every fresh new kickflip over a pot hole in the middle of a smooth smooth street. Every moment your behind the camera just phsyced on the shot your getting, Humans ARE PERFECT! That don’t mean there has to be a cap on someone though! Make it Maestro, truly MAKE IT, and show the world something about the new age we’re moving into, and how you don’t need a 9-5, it’s about following your heart,

    I’m going to meet you someday man, looking forward to it :)

  11. Lawrence says:

    The biggest message I get from these type of posts is clarity. As long as you’re clear on what you want to do in life and seek it out actively, then the opportunities will open up.


  12. Jn McHarrie says:

    Props MAESTRO……..Your a super inspirational guy

  13. Patrik says:

    Yo, you keep doing you! Looking at your website everyday inspires me to go for my dream. To not waste my time and start doing me. So thank you!

  14. tim Orr says:

    dope style covers a dope personality :)

  15. tim Orr says:

    “evveryday a star is born, clap for him” :)

  16. Eric Asante says:

    I would love an opportunity to meet you dude. Canada!!! Make the trip happen.

  17. Nicholas Seymour says:


  18. Jn McHarrie says:

    cant get over this man, deep. ive got a lot of time for you man.

  19. Ty Whettell says:

    “Maestro Knows”

    The simple phrase was so foreign when I stumbled upon the link, I can’t remember where or why I clicked on your site but I am sure glad that I did. At first your videos were interesting and fun to watch, then they became something different. At first I wanted to imitate, make my own video series. But then I realized that these videos were your form, not mine. So instead I kept watching, waiting, and learning. Taking different things from each video, your worth ethic, your view on life and your style. On the surface we see videos about shoes or different people but essentially your showing us you at the most basic level. Inspiration is what I take from watching each video of yours now. Thank you Levi, for your videos, your words and your views.

  20. alex says:

    Great reflection bro!

  21. Yap says:

    Maestro….The other day I was having a chat with good friends after skating..We somehow got into talking about idols..I mentioned you and your show about your lifestyle etc…Today I get a txt from one of them saying what the fuck,this is amazing

    You are a truly inspirational figure to me and many around the world..I met you briefly at Adicup London.Although our team got beaten in all matches meeting you was the highlight of the day/perhaps year..

    Hopefully one day You will be back in London..Come to Southbank we’l have a game of skate


  22. yerug says:

    I don’t think you’re aware of how much “Maestro Knows” has inspired all of us. Keep doing your thing, man. Much love from Sweden

  23. dynamicproducer says:

    Pictures really are worth a thousand words, or maybe hundreds of memories? Very pensive photo.

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