My friend Benny Gold.

December 1, 2010   Posted by Levi Maestro

A little while ago now I went up to San Francisco to visit my friend Benny & check out his new creative space/shop. The following video is a quick look into a couple hours of his life. All salute to a great guy named Benny Gold.

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  1. cpr360 says:

    Thats what its about not losing that childlikeness. Because the best times in anyones life can be a moment or span of moments when they were a kid. Brilliant.

  2. Always good to hear a solid individual talk ground-level real and true about Life, not just brand. So many talk about their brand with a story or history that was manufactured after the fact—which can still be fine—but Benny’s is from the heart.

    Thanks for that. I hope to shine that same love here in OMA (Omaha, NE).

    Keep it pushin’, BG & props to you, Maestro!


  3. Benny Gold says:

    […] Levi Maestro just posted a video we made together earlier this year. Levi is not only a good friend of mine but an inspiration and an all around really good guy! We have similar outlooks on life and both of us are working on making things happen on our own terms. […]

  4. Ace says:

    Aw, my favorite guys! Benny and Maestro!

  5. LURKDAT says:

    This was amazing, as well as inspiring! Benny Gold has that humble quality, it’s so endearing. & Frank Chu kills it.

  6. Pim says:

    haha wow, I watched this on vimeo, and initially I didn’t know (didn’t pay attention) that this was your work Levi…but I recognized the filming haha! talking about a signature-style!
    And dude, I respect this enormously! Ultimate proof of self taught skill, true autodidact.

    All the best again,


  7. Nickie Dee says:

    This video makes me miss the Bay Area. I wanna go back soon.

  8. JoshWilliams says:

    WOW! This one has such a special vibe…this is why I watch you maestro…always MOTIVATE me to go out and do what I want!

  9. […] Maestro Know rend visite à son ami Benny Gold pour jeter un coup d’oeil plus affronfondit de San Francisco. Benny en a profite pour une parler un peu de sa marque, de son évolution et quelques éléments très important pour lui tel que le skate. Lui qui a grandi à SF en regardant des vidéos de skate. […]

  10. Adam Elramly says:

    I agree with Josh. This video has a real great vibe. Benny’s passion is contagious and this video is a great representation of just that. This is definitely one of my new favorites. Great work dude.

  11. Myk Blauuw says:

    These kind of interviews are dope because they’re not all about plugging a new product or line…I like getting to know the people behind the brands because it makes you realize at one point they were just another person with a dream. Great work.

  12. Lawrence says:

    Lots of respect for Benny Gold. It’s great to see people being successful just by being themselves.


  13. Jn McHarrie says:

    Great video. Seems like a really nice dude doing what he’s passionate about, and that really shows. Makes me want to push to achieve more. Keep it up.

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  15. tomimilos says:

    inspiring yet again. you always capture someones true personality! passion is always present in your videos.

  16. I have yet to check out the SF store… on my list of things to do this winter break. Very inspirational piece… I love taking a look behind the scenes of creative minds.

  17. iaaioo says:

    I want some benny gold stuff =(

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