MACHETE Claymation BRISK Story.

December 28, 2010   Posted by Levi Maestro

About a week ago I put out a new video that I made behind the scenes of Danny Trejo‘s new Brisk commercial. The claymation story has now re-introduced itself in a full color version starring MACHETE!!! I love it when there’s a commercials on television that are as good as the actual shows (or actually sometimes better hmmm). I still hope I can be in a spot like this one day!

Also my BTS video…

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5 Comments to “MACHETE Claymation BRISK Story.”

  1. Haha nice… pretty much summed up the story in an appropriate manner… pretty funny to the end result of the claymation.

  2. […] Brisk’s tribute to the film “Machete” and to performing artist, Danny Trejo is well-executed, and you can check it out below (via Maestro Knows). […]

  3. Niko says:

    Hey that turned out to be a great claymation, then I wash my hands..

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